Must-Read Books for Brides-to-Be

We recommend these valuable wedding tomes for your bridal library.

Must-Read Books for Brides-to-Be

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We've gathered a list of some of our favorite wedding-related books that help brides with everything from planning their nuptials and finding their dream gown to handling pushy relatives and keeping a sense of humor. Authors include an etiquette icon, a celebrity wedding planner, and a famous fashion designer, and every guide circles back to remind you that the reason for a wedding is ultimately to celebrate love. 

Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette by Peggy Post is THE essential guide to proper wedding protocol. Every wedding-related topic is covered and no relevant question or concern is overlooked by the foremost authority on etiquette and manners. $28;

The Wedding Book by Editor's Circle member Mindy Weiss along with Lisbeth Levine is ideal for brides who have just begun the planning and are seeking expert advice on an array of topics. The celebrated planner guides you on where to start, what to do next, how to get it done, as well as offers insightful tips and knowlegable advice along the way. $20;

Managing the Marriage Purse written by Robbye Schroeder and Scott Schroeder assists couples in learning more about ways to gain financial stability as a twosome. Topics include creating goals for spending and saving, suggestions on reducing healthcare costs, resolving conflict, and increasing after-tax income. These helpful tips may provide much-needed dollars and sense before the big walk down the aisle. $18;

Vera Wang on Weddings shares the famed designer's thoughts on nuptials. The book largely focuses on gowns – everything from the selection of the perfect neckline, silhouette, and bodice – for a variety of bridal figures, but includes the style mavens thoughts on décor elements and more. Vera also recommends appropriate dress choices based on the time of day and formality of a celebration. $40;

It's All About the Dress is the written work of Randy Fenoli, star of the TLC series Say Yes to the Dress. With advice on the perfect dress for every bride's style, body type, and price range, this book is a sure bet for helping you find the wedding gown of your dreams. Photo credit: Francious Dischinger. $28;

Wedding Etiquette Hell is a hilarious -- and sometimes shocking – collection of wedding-related stories provided first-hand by appalled, confused, and downright outraged members of the wedding and guests. If nothing else, the book will make you feel better about any unsavory behavior you may encounter on your trip to the altar, and just may put a lot in perspective. $17;

Opening photograph by Jasmine Star Photography