Planning a Wedding? There's an App for That!

iPhone & Android apps and websites that make wedding planning simple!

Planning a Wedding? There's an App for That!

Photo: Aaron Delesie

From before the big day to after the honeymoon, staying in touch with friends and family is easier than ever with today’s technology. A variety of websites and iPhone apps are available, but we’ve tracked down our three favorite (free) sites and applications to help brides and grooms along every step of the way.

Day-Of Celebration
Remember the days when disposable cameras (with film!) were left on tables for guests to document the wedding from their perspective? Technology and smartphones have made this so much easier and much more efficient. Wedding Party is an iPhone & Android application that allows guests to share photos, notes, and event information with each other, free of charge. Photos are organized based on when they were captured, creating a wedding timeline photographed by guests. Attendees and loved ones who couldn’t make it to the festivities can comment and like photos within the application, and guests without iPhone or Android phones can view photos on an accompanying wedding website. What better way to re-experience wedding bliss than by cherishing photos taken by friends and family? Note: To avoid hurt feelings, we don't recommend sharing this with family and friends who were not invited to the celebration.

The Honeymoon
For some couples who have lived together before tying the knot, a typical registry may not make sense. Have enough pots & pans, linens, and appliances? Wanderable is a website and iPhone application that allows couples to create a beautifully designed honeymoon registry and send on-the-go thank-you notes to guests. Honeymoon suites, excursions, and spa packages are among the many items a couple can customize on the registry application. Wedding attendees are encouraged to send monetary gifts towards the specific items chosen by the couple, giving the newlyweds their dream honeymoon. Once the couple enjoys their hot-stone massage or snorkeling adventure, they are able to snap a photo, write a note, and either send an electronic post card free-of-charge or send a physical post card for only $1.99 domestically and $2.99 internationally. Note: Always follow up an electronic thank you with a handwritten note.

After the Wedding
If the most disappointing moment of the wedding is the end, then Incubate: The Time-Delay Messenger aims to continue the celebration for years to come. The app allows guests to schedule texts, pictures, and videos to be sent to the newlyweds (and each other) up to 25 years in the future. Receivers can see how many messages they have "incubating," but cannot actually view them until the date and time specified by the sender. Imagine seeing a video of the ceremony on your 10th anniverary, or a silly shot of your bridesmaids as you care for your first child in the wee hours.

Opening photograph by Aaron Delesie