Precious Presents

Gifts your flower girls will love!

Precious Presents

Photo: Elisabeth Millay Photography

Make your flower girls feel special and thank them for being part of your big day with one of these lovely tokens.

Made from a patented formula based on fruits and vegetables, Play Love Laugh is a natural and non-toxic nail polish from Hugo Naturals. Fun, festive colors include Rosie Posie and Sparkly Really Teally. Plus, since it can be peeled off, nail polish remover isn’t needed. Your little ladies will feel all dolled up brandishing pretty nails, just like the rest of your attendants. $5.99,

Lenny & Eva’s collection of Littles cuffs and sentiments offers resilient accessories with a message for the pixies in your bridal party. Pick from the adjustable leather bracelets ($12.50) in metallic and neon hues, as well black and dark chestnut. Then select a sentiment ($17.50) in antique brass- or silver-tone that captures her personality or inspires her bright future, like “Smarty Pants” or “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.”

If your flower girls are a bit shy, a pair of the LilahV “Fearless” sparrow studs may just give them the confidence to propel them down the aisle. They are available in 18K gold or silver plate and 20 percent of proceeds from your purchase are donated to the Humane Society. $24;