Pros and Cons: Having an Outdoor Wedding

The perks and drawbacks to hosting alfresco nuptials.

If you’re looking to wed in the warmer months, you may also be considering hosting some or all of your event outdoors – but, of course, this option presents its own set of problems.

Locations & Venues
Photo: Braedon Photography

Location, location, location. Venue choice very well may be the first big decision you and your sweetie will make in regards to your wedding day. Once you narrow down the general area you desire to hold your nuptials, selecting the actual setting can get difficult – taking into account the weather at the time of your vows, your potential guest count, and your own personal preferences can often clash with one another. If you’re looking to wed in the warmer months, you may also be considering hosting some or all of your event outdoors – but, of course, this option presents its own set of problems.

To assist in your ultimate decision, we’ve complied a list of the common benefits and pitfalls of outdoor weddings.


- Picturesque scenery. You and your loved ones will be surrounded by natural elements, rooting your vows in the very basis of the earth. There is something so peaceful about making a marital commitment while having full view of the setting sun.  

- Natural lighting. Not only will your space look beautiful in person, but your pictures are bound to come out spectacularly. Natural lighting and gorgeous views will add an extra touch of authenticity and love to your wedding album.

- Minimal necessary décor. Seeing as the area itself will serve the purposes of setting and adornments, there are very little alterations needed for both the ceremony and reception. Conversely, you can also get much more creative in an alfresco space – you have the room to create the concept you desire.

- Accommodating to larger parties. Most outdoor venues are able to hold many more guests than the typical indoor location. If you’re looking to invite an expansive list of friends and family, an alfresco space might be the perfect way to involve everyone.


- Unwanted critters. Being out in mother nature means dealing with all that comes with it. Bugs, mosquitos, and bees could fly around, pestering you and your guests.

- Two plans needed. In case of rain, you’re always going to need your venue to have a backup plan prepared and ready to implement at a moment’s notice. This manages to add both stress and expense to an already expensive and stressful process.

- Bring a tissue. It’s incredibly unlikely that no one in or at your wedding will have allergies. Depending on the season of your nuptials, pollen could wreak havoc on the festivities.

- The elements. Even if it doesn’t rain, weather can still cast a shadow on your big day. Heat can make a day incredibly unpleasant, and frigid temperatures aren’t far behind. Sure, there are measures you can take to prepare, but at best it’s extra work, and at worst it’s inadequate. An extremely windy day can ruin your pictures by blowing your dress, hair, and veil everywhere.

For additional alfresco wedding ideas, discover 20 outdoor ceremonies that may make you rethink your indoor venue and discover expert tips from Editors Circle members on hosting a wedding outdoors.

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