Reasons Why Being a Bridesmaid Is Actually Great

Venting about the cost is fair, but don't forget to have fun!

Look at so many of the positives that come with taking part in a loved one's special day!

Photo: Images by Berit, Inc.

If you just looked on the Internet, it would be understandable if you thought being a bridesmaid was the result of a terrible curse being put upon you. After all, there are always stories about the ridiculous demands of a bridezilla, not to mention how expensive being a bridesmaid can be. With so much written against the tradition, it’s a wonder anyone still takes part! Of course, the truth is that there are actually plenty of reasons that women accept the honor of being a bridesmaid. The very fact that we refer to it as an honor is a good clue to the main draw to the position – after all, it is very touching when a close friend or family member asks you to play a special part in their big day.

In some cases, all the bridesmaids will already know each other, but in others it’s a chance to make a new friend. For every story of drama in a bridal party, there are plenty more tales of a bride’s sorority sister hitting it off with her best pal from high school. We’ve even heard of a bride who met her bridesmaid while both being bridesmaids at a mutual friend’s wedding! Whether or not you make a new friend, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun during the planning process. Dress shopping, girls’ nights while stuffing envelopes, and bridal showers are all low-key bonding experiences, while the bachelorette party is a time to really let loose and have a great time. 

Then, of course, there is the wedding itself. As a bridesmaid, you get to experience being a VIP of the event without as much pressure for everything to go perfectly. In fact, one duty of the bridal party is to get the dancing starting. Spending all night on the dance floor is just the responsible thing to do! At the very least, you’re bound to get some good pictures for your Instagram – whether it’s professional pictures or playful selfies after getting your makeup done. 

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