Reception Details You'll Want in Your Wedding Photos

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Reception Details You'll Want in Your Wedding Photos

Photo: Josh Lynn

There is something enchanting about viewing a wedding reception it in its virgin state, before chairs have been occupied, napkins unfolded, and linens stained with drops of red wine. The series of images your photographer takes should recreate the impression a guest would have upon stepping into your reception hall and absorbing each color, each flower, each fabric, and each texture for the first time. Your photographer should take landscape shots to establish the layout of the room, followed by plenty of still life close-ups of your menus, napkins, charger plates, centerpieces, table numbers, glasses, candles, and of course, the cake. In other words, make sure he or she has plenty of time to capture every single detail you lost sleep stressing about while planning for this day before the crowd rushes in. We especially love it when photographers keep it interesting, either by shooting from unique angles such as looking down on a tablescape, or by playing with fun effects like using a fisheye lens to capture the entire scope of the room.

Jose Villa Photography

Hoffmann Photographer

M. Benedicte Verley Photography

Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography


Ira Lippke Studios

Opening photograph by Josh Lynn