Replace Your Guest Book with a Pretty Wishing Tree

Guests will love sharing their congratulations and advice!

Replace Your Guest Book with a Pretty Wishing Tree

Photo: Sherman Chu

rustic wishing tree sign

For decades, newlyweds have displayed guest books at their weddings, and guests have dutifully signed them with their best wishes, congratulations, and advice for the new couple. It's one of those traditions that, while it does provide a lovely keepsake for the bride and groom, is starting to feel a little tired. Take inspiration from couples who have decided to do things a little differently by asking their guests to help create a "wishing tree!"

Simply display a small tree or bouquet of branches in a vase atop a table at the ceremony or reception. Provide pens and notecards adorned with a small ribbon loop, and display a sign inviting guests to write a short note to the newlyweds on the card. Then, guests can hang their cards on the tree, creating a lovely piece of artwork filled with messages of congratulations and love. After the wedding, show off the tree in your home, or remove the cards and store them in a keepsake box.

Discover a few ways to display and decorate your wishing tree in the examples from real weddings below!

purple wishing tree

Bright purple branches surrounded by a hedge of pink flowers brightens up the reception. Photo by Dalal Photography

crystal wishing tree

Drape crystals among the branches and plant the "tree" in a glass bowl filled with clear marbles for a clean, sophisticated look. Photo by Sherman Chu

red ribbon wishing tree

Instead of asking guests to hang cards on the tree themselves, tie ribbons onto the branches and provide cards with holes punched in them. Guests can choose a ribbon and knot it around their card. Photo by Davina + Daniel

red and black wishing tree

Tuck flowers among the branches to give the tree a more lush look! Photo by Triple Cord Photography

Opening photo by Jana Williams Photography