See Gorgeous New Trends in Wedding Portraits

These photography styles and techniques ensure unique, emotional photos.

See Gorgeous New Trends in Wedding Portraits

Photo: Ira Lippke Studios

Of all the aspects of your wedding day, the one that will last long after the "I dos" is the photography. Luckily, there are many wedding photographers who can deliver incredible images that help you not only remember your special day, but also serve as a physical representation of your love for your new spouse. And with the rise of Instagram and Facebook, which make it easy to share your wedding photos, couples place even more importance on getting unique, creative images. 

We've begun to notice several beautiful trends in portrait shots – couples are favoring natural poses, beautiful backgrounds, and dramatic imagery, just to name a few. Below, discover the photography trends that couples are now favoring over the formal, traditional styles of weddings past – and get some ideas for your own portrait session – by some of the best wedding photographers in the business!

Drama, Drama, Drama!

bob and dawn

Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

Forget posed portraits in your living room or backyard: Couples today are truly going for the "wow" factor. Gorgeous lighting, unexpected weather, and style worthy of a fashion editorial creates images that make couples feel as though they're posing for a magazine. Even better: shots that represent your wedding and relationship in some way, like this photo of the bride, groom, and beautiful Chicago skyscrapers that preserves their memories of their chic Chi-Town celebration. 

Creative Angles

carasco photography

Photo by Carasco Photography

Photographers will do anything to get the shot, including shooting you from below, above, or even through a review mirror! No one wants their wedding portraits to look just like everyone else's, so we're seeing more and more couples embrace unique photos like the two above. Filming from a nontraditional angle is also a fantastic way to grab unique candid shots – almost as if your photographer is secretly catching you two in a private moment!

Gorgeous Backgrounds and Landscapes


Photo by KingenSmith

Let nature do the talking! If you're able to take your photos in a beautiful setting or in view of an iconic skyline or monument, consider allowing those elements to shine through. There's something so mesmerizing about a photo of a gorgeous couple surrounded by a grove of trees or a city's harbor, like the photos above, and we love that couples are now using their portraits as an opportunity to show off the beauty around them.

Celebrate with Friends

laurie bailey

Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography

Who says your wedding party can't be in your portraits? You can get such fun shots of the two of you while you're hanging out with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The photo above actually has two layers: the bride and groom exchanging a kiss, and their friends laughing and joking around in the background – the perfect shot for a couple who loves spending time with their friends more than anything! 

At the Venue

roey yohai photography

Photo by Roey Yohai Photography

Memorialize your venue and the love you have for each other, all in the same photo. Most portrait sessions take place outside, away from the ceremony site or reception venue, but why not get a few shots of yourselves in the actual location of your wedding? The couple above perserved a snapshot of themselves in the incredible celebration they worked so hard to design, making it easy for them to remember their special day long after the vows. 

Candid Moments

next exit

Photo by Next Exit Photography

Most of these trends boil down to one simple thing: candid moments! Portraits of the past tended to rely on formal poses and couples looking straight into the camera, but lately we've been seeing a rise in photographers taking a documentary approach. This style favors real, unrehearsed moments and emotions, and photos that document how the couple was actually feeling that day. A photo that demonstrates your true excitement for the wedding and love for your partner is the greatest gift you could recieve after your big day.

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