Should You Have a Honeymoon Photo Shoot?

Learn more about getting professional pictures taken on your trip.

It’s often advised to splurge on wedding photography, as the pictures are what will remain once the big day is over. Engagement sessions are also increasingly popular – with the shots both used for things like save the dates and wedding websites, as well as an opportunity to get some lovely professional portraits. But you don’t have to wait for a maternity shoot for another chance to take some beautiful pictures. Some couples will hire a photographer – or use the same one from the wedding – to capture images from their honeymoon! Learn more about this trend and whether it’s right for you. 

honeymoon photo shoot, should you get professional portraits on your honeymoon?
Photo by Lindsay Adler Photography

At first you may be wondering why anyone would want a photographer tagging along on a honeymoon – it’s supposed to be a trip with plenty of privacy, after all. Of course, the photographer isn’t supposed to be your own personal paparazzo. Instead, you just carve out a few hours in the most beautiful spot of your honeymoon locale to make sure you get photos that reflect the memories that will last a lifetime. You may never have as beautiful of a backdrop as on your honeymoon. 

With the increased quality of cameras on smart phones, it is easier than ever for people to take their own pictures. While someone who enjoys photography as a hobby may prefer to invest in a nice DSLR camera instead of using their phone, there are still limitations to taking your own pictures on your honeymoon, no matter the tool. It’s a great option for capturing the sights throughout your journey, but less satisfactory when it comes to photos of you and your new spouse. Hiring a photographer frees you from asking strangers to take your picture and hoping it was a decent shot, as well as offering more variation than dozens of seflies. It also allows you to be present during private, romantic moments between the two of you, because you’ll know you already have plenty of beautiful photos to look forward to when you return. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier