Should You Have a Wedding in the Fall?

Find out if autumn is the right season for your nuptials.

Though summer has always reigned supreme as “wedding season,” fall’s overall popularity in day-to-day life has started to affect nuptial celebrations as well. More and more couples are choosing September, October, and November to tie the knot. Of course, as with nearly anything in life, there are both positives and negatives to this decision. Any time of year will have its downsides, so the important thing is to figure out what season best fits with the vision you and your sweetheart have for your big day.

pros and cons of a fall wedding, getting married in the fall
Photo by Figge Photography; Venue: La Quinta Resort & Club 

If you are considering autumn for your wedding season, here are some pros and cons to keep in mind. 


- Fall foliage. If your location is a place where leaf peeping is an autumnal pastime, there will likely be beautiful natural backdrops for your big day.

- More vendor availability. Fall may be getting more popular, but you’re still likely to have more vendor options with available weekends than the summer months. Resort towns might even consider it the off-season, providing you with lower prices.

- Optimal sunset times. An outdoor ceremony can still easily be held while the sun is out, but there is no concern about guests feeling awkward dancing while it is still light outside. 


- An anticipated color scheme. Though we feel you should choose whatever hues you love, older generations may expect a fall wedding must have colors that match the season and be thrown off when that’s not the case.

- Unpredictable weather. As autumn is a transitional season, in many locations the temperature can feel like winter or summer instead of the more expected temperate climate, which makes it harder to plan in advance. As with any outdoor celebration, having a backup plan is key.  

- Tough for skincare. Changing seasons tend to be the hardest times for skin and hair, as your body is adapting from dry to humid air, or vice versa depending on your local environment. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier