Stylish & Personalized Styles for Wedding Table Numbers

View creative table number designs featured at real wedding receptions.

Stylish & Personalized Styles for Wedding Table Numbers

Photo: Elizabeth Messina

When you try to imagine the customizable décor elements of your wedding reception, table numbers might not come to mind. Most brides and grooms planning their weddings focus on all other aspects of their tablescapes – linens, runners, charger plates, flatware, chair styles, even how the food might look next to the floral centerpieces – but they tend to overlook the seemingly insignificant signage letting guests know where they sit. Thought may go into designing unique, elegant escort cards, but it’s important to remember what friends and family will have to match their number to when looking for their place. 

There are many creative ways in which to design your table indicators; you don’t even necessarily need to provide an actual number. In the past, engaged couples have found more personal ways to denote each table: photos of themselves throughout childhood and adolescence, snapshots of themselves over the course of their relationship, names of locations the pair has traveled to, even names of their favorite wines. Of course, if you choose to provide actual numbers, you can still get creative in the display of your table indicators. Calligraphy, shadow boxes, and other design elements can come into play when creating your table numbers. To gain inspiration, view the styles provided below.

Photo by Clane Gessel Photography

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Photo by Elizabeth Messina

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Photo by Elizabeth Messina

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