Stylish Ways to Keep Guests Warm at Your Wedding

See how you can turn up the heat on your wedding theme as well as guests.

Stylish Ways to Keep Guests Warm at Your Wedding

Photo: Kristin Spencer Photography

Hosting your wedding out of doors when and where it’s typically warm can sometimes lead to a little overconfidence. Weather can be fickle in even the most predictable of seasons and climates, and unforeseen breezes or an overcast sky can add an unexpected chill to the air. And as day turns to evening, temperatures will drop, leaving your attendees with cold noses and chattering teeth if you’re not completely prepared for every contingency. Even indoor weddings can include a chill factor if guests have to traverse from venue to venue.

Luckily, we have a trio of suggestions that will allow you to keep guests warm without sacrificing style. Look into the sophisticated ways you can turn up the heat at your ceremony and/or reception, and view the real weddings that featured each idea to get a complete picture of the overall look and feel.

1. Offer pashminas to your female guests.

Pashminas in wicker baskets at wedding reception

Pretty wraps make awesome gifts as well as backup for the weather. Work pashminas into your wedding theme by coordinating them to your colors and distributing them with style, like gathered in a decorative basket or draped decoratively across the backs of guest seating. Photos (L-R) by Kristin Spencer Photography and Jasmine Star Photography

2. Have a warm drink station.

Espresso bar and coffee and donut winter wedding ideas

Indoors or out, a drink station is decorative and gives guests the option to cap their hot cocoa, cider, or coffee drinks with toppings of their choice. A hot toddy station makes a great option for the cocktail hour, while soft options can be served anytime. Photos (L-R) by Elizabeth Messina and Cooper Carras Photography

3. Invest in ornamental heat sources.

Large white lamp heater at outdoor wedding

While traditional heat lamps are fine for a restaurant patio, your wedding requires something that’s as stylish as it is effective. If your décor is timelessly elegant, rent standing heat lamps with a ceramic-like finish in white or black; if your wedding theme is earthy or rustic chic, fire pits encased in glass will blend beautifully. For a modern, industrial look, obelisk patio heaters can’t be topped. Photo by Dalal Photography