Survey Reveals the Proposals Brides & Grooms Actually Want

The ideal marriage proposal isn't what you may think!

Survey Reveals the Proposals Brides & Grooms Actually Want

Photo: Elizabeth Messina

It seems every week an elaborate, public marriage proposal pops up on YouTube and goes viral. But grooms-to-be can breathe easy. According to a new study, you're better off planning a private proposal near the water than a grand, dramatic event. teamed up with the Loving Lab at the University of Texas at Austin to interview 400 newly engaged or newly wed individuals about their ideal and actual proposals. Sixty-nine percent said they would prefer a private proposal, while 15% wanted a public proposal and 17% wanted just close friends and family present. Luckily, 75% of people got the type of proposal they wanted; however, 9% wanted a private proposal but got a public proposal, and 2% wanted a public proposal but got a private proposal.

Ultimately, people rated their ideal proposal as slightly more romantic than their actual proposal. The top ideal location was by the water (such as a beach), followed by at home; however, the top actual location was at home, followed by a location near the water.

And if you're debating whether or not to tell anyone about your proposal before popping the question, consider that 37.5% of respondents said they asked the parents' permission to propose, and 43% said their parents at least knew about the proposal in advance. Fifteen percent said siblings knew about the upcoming proposal, and 19% said friends were in on it.

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