The 7 Best Wedding Toasts of All Time

These guests went above and beyond to deliver unforgettable toasts!

The 7 Best Wedding Toasts of All Time

Photo: Yvette Roman Photography

When given the task of toasting the newlyweds, most guests craft touching, sensitive speeches that bring tears to the bride and groom's eyes. But every once in a while, a guest will go above and beyond the call of duty!

In the videos below, watch as wedding guests pull out all the stops to give unforgettable wedding toasts. They put their creative skills to work as they performed songs, dances, and comedy skits that the newlyweds never saw coming. One thing's for sure: these toasts will never be forgotten!

Watch all of the incredible, surprising moments below:

Will Forte as "Hamilton" at Seth Meyers' Wedding
Will Forte gave his toast at Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe's wedding as Hamilton, his Saturday Night Live character known for grabbing the microphone and delivering creepy speeches at events. Meyers revealed just a taste of Forte's wacky toast during an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, explaining that the rest of the speech was too inappropriate to be shown on television. 

Maid of Honor Channels Eminem for Rap About Bride and Groom
Jennifer Gabrielli got a little help from Eminem for her epic toast to her sister and brother-in-law. Watch the video above to see Gabrielli brilliantly change the lyrics to "Without Me" to tell the newlyweds' love story, including clever lines like, "They found love, I saw it escalatin', a marriage in the works they were speculatin'/So they met CeCe down by the sea, and at the Montage he got down on one knee." Her hoodie is a nice touch, too!

Les Misérables Flash MobWell, this is one perk to inviting all of your musical theater-obsessed friends to your wedding! During Susanne and Sune Vibaek Svanekier's reception, guests popped up from their seats to perform "One Day More" from Les Misérables. But this isn't exactly karaoke – these guests are shockingly good singers. Why can't all of our guests be this talented?!

Kid Delivers Epic Toast to the Newlyweds (and Himself)This adorable little boy may not completely understand what a toast is, but we don't care! America's Funniest Home Videos shared his hilarious speech, which begins with him informing the audience that he looks very cute in his tuxedo and ends with a joke about clowns and chickens. One thing's for sure: his toast was likely the most memorable of the wedding!

Best Man's Romantic MedleyBest man Daniel Buccheri chose not just one, but six songs to sing in a medley for his brother's wedding, including "Stay With Me," "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," and "Hey Soul Sister." He changed all of the lyrics to reflect his love for his brother and new sister-in-law. Impressively, he sings while also accompanying himself on the piano. So sweet!

Britney Spears Dance TributeHollywood producer Bradley Bredeweg delivered a speech both the bride and Ms. Spears herself will never forget. Bredeweg began by revealing that Britney Spears has provided the soundtrack to his and his best friend and bride Stephanie Huntington's lives. Then, he and a team of professional dancers took the stage to perform a sexy routine to "Work Bitch." As Bredeweg said, "We all know that marriage takes love and care... but marriage also takes work. So you better work, bitch."

Father's Speech During Ceremony: Don't Screw It UpTechnically, this speech was given during the ceremony, but this father's sweet and hilarious words of advice to his son-in-law still deserve recognition. After escorting his daughter down the aisle, he stopped and gave the groom some priceless advice: "Don't screw it up." 

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