The Advantages of Hiring an Entertainment Company

How to determine if hiring a professional to make your musical arrangements is the right choice for you.

The Advantages of Hiring an Entertainment Company

Photo: Fred Marcus Studio

Wedding Band at Purple Reception

When you begin to plan the entertainment for your wedding, you have a choice: deal with musicians and performers directly, or work with an entertainment company who can handle the arrangements for you.

A full-service entertainment company has the experience and knowledge that a typical bride and groom may not have. Without guidance, you may spend hours searching the Internet in an attempt to locate an elegant and energetic band. You might find yourself combing nightclubs and showcases to find entertainers capable of providing the musical variety that you desire. If you are not already set on a certain band, or if you plan to hire different musicians for the various phases (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and maybe even an after-party) of your event, an entertainment company might just be the answer. Initially, an entertainment company should save you time and frustration. They are likely to help you avoid certain pitfalls that could arise when securing the perfect musicians and offer the following benefits:

Quick and Easy Comparison Shopping
Top entertainment companies specialize in providing bands with extensive repertoires and those who possess professionalism of the highest caliber. You can listen to and watch promotional CDs and DVDs from a variety of performers at one time and in one place. With the expert knowledge, guidance, and resources of an entertainment specialist, you will have the luxury of comparing an enormous selection of ceremony, cocktail, and reception musicians.

Availability of Best-in-Class Musicians
You will likely find that the best musicians and bands available for your event are affiliated with the best entertainment companies in your area. Entertainment companies can provide these performers with the most work, which is highly desirable to in-demand musicians who also do studio sessions during the week and may not have the time to pursue private events on their own.

Seamless Performance and Event Expertise
When bands become self-contained and work regularly, they are able to consistently work together week after week at weddings and events. You are the beneficiary of a seamless performance, and the specialist at your event company should provide a high level of event expertise.

Insurance Guarantee
When you work with an entertainment company, you are often backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy. (Ask any entertainment company or band you hire if they provide you with insurance.) You will never need to worry about musicians not showing up or canceling at the last minute. If a band member is unable to attend due to illness or an emergency, the company can efficiently fill their place with another musician with whom they work. An unaffiliated band may not have this option at their disposal.

Expert Staff Support
Entertainment companies should also have a large, experienced staff that works behind the scenes to provide a perfect time line for your event, take your requests, and make themselves available by phone to answer questions. Here are a few essentials to consider when choosing the best company to work with:

- Do they have a great reputation with hotels, venues, coordinators, and your other vendors? Ask around. Don’t rely solely on a referral list or one recommendation – if they’re the best, people will tell you.

- Does the company’s team have a strong knowledge of music in order to help you make the best selections for your event? Do they listen to your requests and wishes? Can they accommodate your needs? Do they respond to your calls and emails quickly and efficiently?

- Most importantly, the entertainment company should have a wide variety of bands and musicians. They should always show you DVDs, not just CDs – which give a limited sense of a musician or band's true performance.

The icing on the cake is having musicians whose friendly, flexible attitudes engage your guests throughout the entire affair by playing the music you want to hear when you want to hear it. There is absolutely no compromise for excellence. You want your guests to be entertained, have a great time dancing, and remember the extraordinary experience they had on your wedding day.

Opening photo by Fred Marcus Studio