The Beauty of Having a Dessert Buffet

Sweet presentations beyond the wedding cake.

For brides and grooms who love desserts almost as much as they love each other, wedding cake may not be enough to fully satisfy a sweet tooth. These couples opt for additional treats, such as chocolate-covered strawberries, petit fours, milkshakes, candy, and other sweet temptations to be offered during their reception. Often, desserts are displayed with such elaborate presentation they become a part of the décor, and almost look too good to eat... almost. A wedding isn’t the place to worry about a diet anyway, so we think it’s perfectly justified to indulge. No guest will ever complain about having too many sugary enticements to choose from, especially if served after they’ve had time to work up an appetite on the dance floor or as a midnight snack. Take a look at some of these scrumptious, divine desserts and tell us if your mouth doesn’t begin to water.

John Solano Photography
Nancy Cohn Photography
Kristin Spencer Photography
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Authored by: Alison Bonn