The Biggest Proposal Mistakes to Avoid

You want to make sure you pop the question the right way.

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Planning to propose is a nerve-racking task. Even though in most cases you and your beloved have already discussed your futures together, it is completely natural to be worried before popping the question. Although you may be confident enough that your beloved will say yes, there is still a lot of pressure to have the moment be absolutely perfect. Nobody wants their proposal to go wrong, so here are some mistakes you should be careful to avoid. 

While spontaneity may seem romantic, asking someone to marry you on a whim can be risky. A ring is important not necessarily for materialistic reasons, but because it shows this is a decision you have thought through. If you find yourself caught up in the moment and want to propose out of passion, instead consider this as an opportunity to express that you’d like to get married someday, rather than an official proposal that your sweetheart may be unsure whether to take seriously or not. 

On a similar note, you don’t necessarily want to propose too soon. Everyone’s relationship is on its own timeline, but that’s why communication is key. You may both be confident that you’ll be married someday after six months of dating, but your partner may want to accomplish certain career goals or hit a financial milestone before taking the next step. 

Timing isn’t the only aspect where communication is important. As much as you may have always dreamed of a proposal that is a complete surprise, it’s a good idea to find out how your beloved feels. Will you have guidelines about the ring or pick it out on your own? Some people may prefer the idea of shopping together and even consider that romantic. Perhaps the biggest question is regarding a public or private proposal. A quiet at-home proposal is ideal to some and anti-climatic to others, while an elaborately planned gesture can either be a nightmare or a dream come true. You can have these kind of discussions with your sweetheart without giving away when you will pop the question. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier