The Creative Appeal of Fruit as Décor

Infusing your wedding with natural color.

Everyone knows we should include more fruit in our diet. But did you ever think about including fruit in your wedding décor? Fruit is a fun, unusual way to add a healthy splash of color to your tablescapes, centerpieces, and cake displays. They bring a touch of nature indoors and can even help establish the seasonal tone of a wedding. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes infuse a vivid brightness to a spring wedding. Warm red apples evoke a welcoming crispness in a fall wedding. Fresh bunches of grapes intermixed with flowers provide an unexpected twist to the typical summer arrangement, and no, you don’t have to be getting married at a winery. What other ways can you think of to use this playful, mouthwatering embellishment?

Above, clockwise from left: Ellice Schwartz; Paul Barnett; Kristin Spencer; Michelle Walker

Paul Barnett
Paula Luna
Paul Barnett
Hoffman Photographer
Kristin Spencer
Ellice Schwartz
Michelle Walker