The Cutest (Non-Cheesy) Engagement Photos on Instagram

These couples did their engagement photos right.

The Cutest (Non-Cheesy) Engagement Photos on Instagram

Photo: Paul Barnett Photographer

One of your first tasks as an engaged couple is to take official engagement photos! Not only is it fun to dress up and take pretty photos of yourselves that are of higher quality than your usual iPhone snaps, but this is also a great time to get comfortable with your wedding photographer before the big day. An engagement shoot is also guaranteed to provide you with spectacular photos to post on Instagram!

However, it's all too easy to fall into the clichés of engagement photos and end up with images that don't really capture your personalities or relationship. Think awkward, unnatural poses (hugging from behind and holding hands while standing two feet apart and staring directly into the camera), ho-hum locations (beaches and meadows), and forced facial expressions. The secret to amazing engagement photos? Spontaneous, natural moments and a location that represents you. We scoured Instagram for the best, non-cheesy engagement photos that truly embody the brides- and grooms-to-be. See the romantic photos below!

The Kissing Shot
Most engagement sessions will include several shots of you two smooching. We love this shot because not only is the background and lighting gorgeous, but the couple's body language is relaxed – it feels like a natural moment. Plus, the photo isn't too close-up, which can be a little awkward for family and friends to look at! 

Engagement photo next to tree

Million-Dollar Smiles
How adorable are these two? Their smiles are totally genuine, and this image proves that you don't need to stare at each other or the camera to get a great shot. Let your photographer catch you in real, unrehearsed interactions and don't be afraid to get silly.

cute engagement photo

Black, White, and Beautiful
Black and white can bring a vintage, dramatic feel to your photos and bring out the emotion of the shot. A beautiful black-and-white photo will look gorgeous framed and displayed in your home for years to come, too.

Japanese garden engagement photo

Bold & Graphic
No need to seek out a field of daisies or go frolicking on the beach just because that's what everyone else is doing. Find a location and background that represents your personalities. This couple looks cool and modern in front of a bold industrial building.

Hipster engagement photo

Take a Stroll
To achieve a natural-looking shot, shake off those typical poses and get moving. Walking loosens you up and gives your engagement photos a more spontaneous feel. Being candid and real are your number one priorities!

Laughing engagement photo

Show Off Your City
This is a great time to head outdoors to a location that holds significance in your relationship, whether it's the city where you got engaged, your backyard, or a favorite hangout spot. A beautiful background also adds another layer of interest to your photos!

Central Park engagement photo

Cute & Quirky
Beautiful engagement photos in front of a video store? It's possible! Your friends and family want to see a photo that captures the essence of who you are as a couple, so feel free to head to your favorite local haunts and places that represent your interests for your photo shoot. When the background is paired with an adorable loving moment like this one, you can't go wrong!

Video store engagement photo

For more tips on how to achieve the perfect engagement photos, learn what you need to know and how to make the most of your engagement shoot.