The Floral Advantages of Having a Spring Wedding

Find out why spring is a wedding florist's favorite time of year.

There is no better time for flowers than springtime: Virtually every type is available in every color imaginable, making the possibilities endless. Read on for great ideas for incorporating spring’s abundant offerings into your special day.

Photo: Ryan Phillips Photography

Lilac, hydrangeas, and orchids, oh my! There is no better time for flowers than springtime: Virtually every type is available in every color imaginable, making the possibilities endless. Any florist will tell you this is their favorite time of year because of the abundance of variety and hues, which is great for designers and a dream come true for brides.

The assortment of shades is incredible, from lavenders to purples, sherbets to rich jewel tones, plus greens, pinks, and every color in between! Whether you seek color or variety, now is the time to dream big. Read on for great ideas for incorporating spring’s abundant offerings into your special day.

Get Color Happy

Every bride has a vision all her own, and often it’s one she’s been dreaming of her entire life. A florist enlists the help of nature to realize that vision. This time of year, wedding florists can create a feast for the senses that is exploding with beauty, fragrance, and plenty of color. Some colorful ideas to consider:

• Mix and match unusual color combinations for a dramatic statement, such as deep red and rich turquoise. Large crimson roses combined with turquoise linens and accents are an unexpected masterpiece.

• Make a striking presentation with a single color by utilizing every hue in its spectrum. Imagine walking into a reception and seeing a sea of pinks, from the palest blush to the brightest, richest fuchsia.

• Let nature choose your hues and take advantage of the seasonal floral shades. For example, select purples and use delicious lilac while it’s in season – this flower alone is reason enough to plan a spring wedding!

Rustic-Elegant Ceremony Chuppah Setting

Photo by Kevin Weinstein Photography; Floral Design by The Hidden Garden; Planning & Design by Geller Events. From Real Wedding: High School Sweethearts Say "I Do" at Personalized Jewish Wedding

• Incorporate multiple tones, not just one or two. You can display vases overflowing with reds on one table, yellows on the next, and so on throughout your space.

• The peony is by far one of the most popular flowers among brides. During springtime this fluffy, large blossom is available in several different varieties offering bright, beautiful hues like deep red, hot pink, soft blush, and crystal white.

• A wonderful way to showcase individual style is to decorate the ceremony and reception space in a different color, telling the couples’ story as the event unfolds. For a recent wedding, the cocktail hour was set in a chic, all-white modern design, boasting ivory flowers and linens from floor to ceiling. The “white room” was a huge hit and gave friends and family an experience as memorable as the newlyweds themselves. As guests moved into the reception, the colors changed to vibrant jewel tones, setting a different mood for an unforgettable evening.

The Spice of Life

Springtime flowers are gorgeous and plentiful, which means brides have more choices than ever. Some wedding favorites in full bloom include lilac (which have the most delicious scent), viburnum, sweet peas, hydrangeas, tulips, roses, orchids, hyacinth, calla lilies, jasmine, blossom branches (dogwood, quince, cherry blossoms), and delphinium. Following are some ways you can use variety to set the tone for your aesthetic.

• A single-color theme: A room filled with a variety of pink blossoms is much more striking than small accents of blush throughout. For example, you can use champagne as your base tone with hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, blossom branches, and roses. If you are working with shades of purple, you can choose lilac, lavender, tulips, roses, Vanda orchids, hyacinth, and hydrangeas.

• Another option is to select multiple colors associated with one type of flower. Consider all-pink peonies for one table and all-orange tulips for another. The possibilities are endless and the season makes it simple for couples to choose décor that fits everyone’s style.

• Have each bridesmaid and groomsman wear a different type of flower but in the same color scheme. Extend that hue and variety theme up the aisle, all the way to the chuppah or ceremonial gazebo.

• Be sure to ask your florist about incorporating eye-catching accents (such as jewels, fabric, and ribbons) into your bouquet, floral décor, and centerpieces for additional personalization. Here are some colorful flower suggestions for bouquets:

For the bride: all-pink bouquet – hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, and roses; all-orange bouquet – a full array of orange tulips; all-purple bouquet – lilac, roses, and lisianthus; all-white bouquet – ivory lilac and peonies with accents of sweetheart roses.

For bridesmaids: all-pink bouquets – single-variety posies with hydrangeas, one with peonies, one with sweetheart roses, one with tulips, and one with hyacinth; all-white bouquets – bunches of lilac, hydrangeas, tulips, and peonies 

Rose Gold Candle Votives

Photo by Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography; Floral Design by The Hidden Garden; Linens by Luxe Linen; Planning & Design by Linda Howard Events. From Real Wedding: Romantic, Timeless Garden-Inspired Jewish Wedding at a Country Club

Splurge in Spring

With such an abundant selection, you can think big when choosing flowers for a spring wedding! Let their natural beauty guide your theme. Fancy linens can serve as a canvas or backdrop, and blooms can take the place of specialty menu cards at each place setting. To make the most of your floral budget, designate one third of your tables for large, dramatic pieces that will make the room “pop.” When guests enter the space, their eyes will dance around the room while soaking up all of the (strategically placed) accent pieces. The overall design of a venue is just as important as the guests who will see it.

Opening photo by Ryan Phillips Photography; Floral Design by The Hidden Garden; Planning & Design by Sterling Engagements; From Real Wedding: Romantic 30th Wedding Anniversary Party & Vow Renewal with Pink Palette