The Flower You Need to Request in Your Wedding Design

Discover why amaranthus is one of our favorite floral accents.

The Flower You Need to Request in Your Wedding Design

Photo: Stephanie Fay Photography

Few people would ask for amaranthus to be added to their bouquets and centerpieces. In fact, it's possible that many brides have never heard of this unique plant. But listen up: even though it may not be a household name, this is one plant you're going to want to display throughout your celebration!

Although amaranthus can be found in a variety of colors, its green variety is most commonly used in weddings. The plant consists of cascading "tails" of green floral clusters that can be combined in bouquets with any number of flowers, from roses to peonies to tulips. The greenery gives bouquets a lush fullness, and the slouched shape of the plant adds delicate movement. Amaranthus is particularly well-suited to natural, rustic celebrations where its wild style can be fully embraced!

In the slideshow above, we've rounded up gorgeous ways to incorporate amaranthus into your bouquet, centerpieces, and ceremony design. You'll fall in love with this unique plant just like we have!