The Keys to Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Set the stage for your celebration with these professional tips.

The Keys to Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Photo: Images by Berit, Inc.

Have you ever been to a club where the music was bad? How long did it take before you were ready to leave? Have you ever been to a nightclub during the day with the lights on? If you have, then you understand how critical lighting and music are to creating that perfect environment. Almost anyplace can be transformed into a magical place at night with the right use of sound and light. Creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding is easy when working with the right professionals.

Start your search for the perfect vibe by thinking about all of the parties, weddings, clubs and events you have been to and decide if one is appropriate for your reception. Next, think logically about how they created that environment. The “wow” factor when your guest first enter the room is dependent upon the combination of choices you make and how they compliment each other. Your wedding consultant and entertainment professional can undoubtedly help you with this part of the process.

A full orchestra would be overwhelming at an informal reception with a casual style and a chatty DJ would spoil the mood of an elegant affair. Sometimes, the architecture and design of the venue itself may impact your choice of music. Of course, the musical preferences of you and your guests are also important. Consideration may be given to the age range of your guests.

Perhaps there are traditions, either ethnic or religious, that you want to include. While certain traditions, such as the grand entrance, the first dance the father/daughter dance, the garter toss and the bouquet toss, are usually de rigueur, you may choose whether or not you want to incorporate them. It is important to decide what is right for you and how those traditions improve or detract from the atmosphere you are trying to create.

If your first dance is important, then special effort should go into preparing for it. Select a song that speaks for you and practice your dance. Dance lessons should be considered if you need to become more proficient. Consider the lyrical content of the song before committing to the song. There are several beautiful songs that have negative connotations attached to them. Make sure the song communicates the true spirit of how you feel.

Think through how much time you want to spend on speeches and toasts. Ask yourself if open mike time is appropriate. If your event is a grand affair and you are not intimate with everyone attending, then you may not want someone giving an impromptu speech.

When a party really works, someone has thought through the pacing of events. How each part of the reception flows from one moment to the next is critical. As they say, timing is everything. The structure of the evening should appear effortless and natural, allowing sufficient time so the evening does not feel rushed or crammed. The flow of events should be fluid and, sometimes, decisions are made to add or subtract parts while the event is in progress. Usually, when the sequence of events is choreographed, everything appears seamless to your guests and that is the key to being the perfect host.

Opening photograph by Images by Berit, Inc.