The Loveliest Lounge Areas for Weddings

Chic seating areas your guests will enjoy.

If you want to create an atmosphere where guests feel free to dance the night away at your reception, nothing says "bring on the party" better than a lounge area. Let's face it: After hours of boogying down on the dance floor, your guests are going to love having a place where they can refresh their beverage and carry on a conversation all while giving their tired toes a well-earned rest. Adding a lounge area also gives you a chance to change up your décor. Bring in new lighting, fresh seating, and flowing drapes to create a look that stands apart from the rest of your reception. Or if you’re not a fan of the nightclub vibe, try designing a calm, outdoor lounge where guests can relax, take in the scenery, and converse during cocktail hour, in preparation for the rest of the evening’s exhilarating activities.

Above, clockwise from left: John Solano Photography; Yitzhak Dalal Photography; Yitzhak Dalal Photography; Simone & Martin Photography

Abby Ross & Nancy Cohn Photography
Yitzhak Dalal Photography
Yitzhak Dalal Photography
Yitzhak Dalal Photography
John Solano Photography
Lyn Sims Photography
Dara Blakeley Photography
Annabel Braithwaite & Dorothée Brand
Simone & Martin Photography
Yitzhak Dalal Photography

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