The Top 25 First Dance Songs of 2016

If you have been to a wedding this year, you've probably heard one of these tunes!

The Top 25 First Dance Songs of 2016

Photo: 6 of Four Photography

Given the popularity of making wedding-related playlists on Spotify, the streaming service was able to use their data to determine what the most popular first dance songs of the year are. There are the expected new hits and classic songs, but also some tunes you might not have thought about in a while.

If you’re struggling to decide which song to dance with your future spouse to, this list might give you an epiphany. On the other hand, if you’re hoping for a unique melody, now you will know which choices to stay away from. Find our list of unique dance songs here.

Take a look at the 25 most popular wedding dance songs below:

Did any songs on the list surprise you? Let us know in the comments! View more wedding playlists here, and be sure to check out the lists of 100 popular wedding songs and first dance songs chosen by real brides and grooms