Things to Do When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged

Get ideas on how to celebrate and be supportive!

Getting engaged is an excited moment, but sometimes it can feel even more exciting to find out your best friend is getting married!

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Getting engaged is an excited moment, but sometimes it can feel even more exciting to find out your best friend is getting married! Whether you’ve been married for years, are waiting for an engagement, or are happily single, there is something special about knowing your best friend is about to embark on this journey. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of horror stories about brides and their besties getting in fights or growing apart during the engagement period. Some factors include controlling behavior, jealousy, or simply bringing issues to the surface that were never confronted for a friendship that perhaps already ran its course. It’s true that some of these things are out of your control, but presuming that you want to support your best friend and help her feel special, here is a list of things to do – and some not to do – after your best friend gets engaged. 

what to do when your best friend gets engaged, things to do when your best friend gets engaged

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- Send a card. If you don’t live in the same city as your BFF, sending a cute card will add a bit of joy for the bride after the initial wave of social media congratulations die down. 

- Don’t assume you’re in the bridal party. It may seem like a given, but you never know what sort of family dynamics are in play, what new friendships have developed, or if the couple even wants to have a wedding party. Wait to be asked.

- Give a gift. A registry-level present is not necessary, but a fun bride-themed trinket is a lovely gesture. 

- Don’t push for plans to begin. It’s understandable to want to know everything as soon as possible; after all, it’s an exciting event that you’ll probably be involved in. But planning is stressful! There are plenty of tasks that have to be dealt with before the sweethearts even have an official date. 

- Listen to her venting. Due to the aforementioned stress, the bride may have moments where she needs to complain about the process. Be the friendly and understanding ear, which will help prevent tensions building within families. 

- Offer to help. If you’ve had your own wedding, you can offer some insight. Even if you’ve never planned your own nuptials, any skill that might be useful will be appreciated with a genuine offer of help. 

- Be kind to yourself. Your best friend’s engagement can trigger feelings of abandonment, loneliness, or even just wishing you had done things differently for your own big day. Remember to practice self-care and not lose yourself in your friend’s celebration.