Things to Do When You're Sick of Wedding Planning

Feel free to take a break if you're burnt out on the big day.

Everyone always warns you that wedding planning is stressful, but sometimes it can be hard to believe it until you’re experiencing that stress firsthand. The burn out can hit especially hard after the holidays, balancing vendor emails with shopping and travel. Suddenly you’re back at work while you still have to schedule a catering tasting and find a date and time when all your bridesmaids can go shopping. The good news is there is usually a point when there are no immediate deadlines on your checklist and you have a little time before making your next decision.

what to do if you're burnt out on wedding planning
Photo by Parker J Pfister Photographer

If wedding planning doesn’t feel fun anymore, take advantage of this time and give yourself a respite. Here are some activities you can indulge in while your mind isn’t on the big day: 

- Read. With so many new TV shows out and a plethora of streaming options, even bookworms might have to admit they haven’t been reading as much as they used to. Give your eyes a break from screens and crack open a book. 

- Organize. While not technically wedding related, this will make you feel productive and help prepare for married life without focusing on the actual event. As gifts start to roll in, you may find you have a surplus of stuff. Start figuring out what needs to be donated now! If you and your future spouse are moving in together after the wedding, or if you are just moving to a new house, it’ll be nice to know ahead of time what is coming with you. 

- Exercise. Whether you’re “shredding for the wedding” or not, exercising is always a healthy choice. Try out a new fitness class – the burnout you’re feeling with planning may also lead to boredom with your same old workout routine. 

- Socialize. Make a point to hang out with friends and family when wedding talk is completely off the table. Having a date night or two with your sweetheart will also help remind you what all that planning is for. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier