Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your One-Year Anniversary

Find the perfect present – be it paper, clocks, or other – for your loved one!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your One-Year Anniversary

Photo: Elizabeth Messina

The celebration of the first anniversary of your marriage is a spectacular milestone to reach. For this particular event, some spouses can get stuck on what to get their partner – becoming stressed out when looking for the absolute perfect gift to convey their love and appreciation for their beloved. It’s a challenging process, but doing your research always pays off.

If you know your sweetheart’s style well, this process should prove relatively simple, but even so, will you stick to tradition? The first wedding anniversary is customarily known as the “paper” anniversary, meaning your gift to them should involve that element in one way or another. However, according to the “modern” timeline, this occasion is the “clocks” anniversary. We know that your mind immediately jumped to a watch made out of construction paper, but even in these advanced times, such technology does not yet exist. Here are some more viable options:

-  A handmade card.
-  An early edition of their favorite book, comic, newspaper, etc.
-  A drawing or painting you made of something they care about.
-  That canvas or print they’ve had their eye on.
-  Origami jewelry.
-  Your wedding vows or song lyrics as part of an accessory.
-  A physical wedding album you hadn’t gotten around to making.
-  A custom portrait of the two of you.

-  The chic watch they’re interested in.
-  A personalized clock for the living room.
-  A playlist of your shared favorite songs to set as their alarm.
-  A new cell phone (It comes with a clock! We know, we know, it’s a stretch).
-  Tickets for a future vacation they can look forward to in time.

Other Popular Gifts:
-  A wine and cheese basket to enjoy together.
-  A soft-serve ice cream maker.
-  Personalized pillows.
-  Warm, fuzzy, monogrammed robes.
-  A set of their favorite scented candles.

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Opening photo by Fred Marcus Studio