Tips for Brides & Grooms Planning and Getting a Degree

Your guide to planning a wedding whilst taking college courses.

If you’re preparing to take on the task, we’ve complied a list of some helpful hints to get you through designing a wedding while you get your degree!

Photo: Millie Holloman Photography

Getting an education is incredibly important, and it takes a lot of time and energy – much like the wedding planning process; it’s safe to assume that attending to both school and your nuptials can be a stressful undertaking. No matter your age, going to college while coordinating your big day will be a big job.

If you’re preparing to take on the task, we’ve complied a list of some helpful hints to get you through designing a wedding while you get your degree!

-  Ask for help! The luxury of having a planner may not be within your budget – if this is the case, don’t be afraid to reach out and request help. While it’s a fact that no one is obligated to assist with your nuptials, chances are, someone will be more than willing. Whether it’s a parent, a sibling, an extended family member, or a friend: connect with a loved one and gauge interest. Note: we recommend against asking for monetary help – simply inquire about the coordination side of things!

-  Tweak your schedule – within limits. If your engagement is lengthy enough, it’s likely you’ll be able to plan your class schedule for the semester before/during your wedding ahead of time. If you can, it might be smart to get harder, more arduous classes out of the way early so that your schoolwork will be lighter around the wedding or the pertinent stages of planning. 

-  Use image-sharing sites and social media to your advantage. Planning applications and websites can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting and staying organized: these useful mediums will become your best friend and will help to compartmentalize school and your big day. Pinterest is a fantastic tool for inspiration, but it’s important to remember how much time “browsing” can take up: don’t let yourself get caught up in the endless pages of gorgeous gowns and stunning venues for too long!

-  Separate your school, wedding, and personal tasks. Using your newfound organizational apps, keep big portions of your life separate so that your priorities can stay intact. It may be helpful to create physical folders for paperwork, notes, etc. Divide up your day – how much time do you need to focus on the wedding? On school? On everything else? This organization will be immensely beneficial down the road.

-  Take any critical comments with a grain of salt. If you’re on the younger side, you’ll likely be the subject of some talk, whether it’s said directly to you or to a close friend or family member. In the grand scheme of things, you and your beloved are the ones who know your relationship the best. If you’ve made this decision, you’ll be dealing with all of the trials – and all of the love – of the journey, and that isn’t for anyone else to decide upon. Don’t let outside comments deter you.

-  If it gets to be too overwhelming, postponing is an option. If this process does become too much, don’t be afraid to put it off until after graduation. Love needs to be strong to enter into a marriage, and your love will still be strong after you receive your diploma. Sometimes, it’s just the most practical choice, and it’s one you’ll need to make with your sweetheart together as a team.

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