Top 12 Bachelorette Party Locations & What to Do There

The best locales around the country – for every bachelorette style!

best cities for bachelorette parties

Though bachelorette parties were once considered hometown affairs with bar hopping and décor featuring certain male appendages, these days a destination trip with your closest gal pals is all the rage. Travelling for a bachelorette party can also even the playing field for your only out-of-state bridesmaid who feels like she’s missing all the build-up to your wedding.

Whether you are in the mood for drinks and dancing or a poolside spa day, we have the perfect locale for you. With cities spanning from coast to coast and in between, you can choose to have a weekend getaway or a longer visit far from home.

Party All Night
- Las Vegas, Nevada: The classics are classic for a reason. As the premier bachelorette (and bachelor!) party destination in the country, “Sin City” has great hotels, restaurants, shows, and of course, gambling.
- New York, New York: The city never sleeps, and you won’t have to either – there’s so much to do! Consider New York the land of the custom-made celebration for your bachelorette gathering.
- New Orleans, Louisiana: Great for all-night partying, and even better for the hangover food the next day. Cajun food and beignets? Yes please.
- Miami, Florida: Get the best of both worlds with the beach all day and the best dance clubs all night.

Relax in Luxury
- Palm Springs, California: With premium day spas and hotel pools, this desert town is becoming a bachelorette party hot spot.
- Savannah, Georgia: Take things slow in the dreamy Southern city by strolling through the Historic District, where you can get drinks to go!
- Scottsdale, Arizona: With a variety of all-inclusive packages, you won’t want to leave your resort, but you’ll love Old Town if you can drag yourself away.
- Napa, California: Wine tasting, wine tasting, and more wine tasting. But Napa Valley also offers luxury lodging, spas, and even hot air balloon rides!

Off the Beaten Path
- Austin, Texas: A hipster oasis in the Deep South, the “Live Music Capital of the World” is perfect for a tune-obsessed bride.
- Portland, Oregon: Whether you’re looking for an outdoorsy trip, or you’re an art lover, there are plenty of options that stray from the standard bachelorette party.
- Nashville, Tennessee: Country fans will rejoice in the opportunity to honky-tonk and line dance. The barbeque is pretty great too!
- Chicago, Illinois: Enjoy some world class museums, deep dish pizza, and improv shows that may have the next Amy Poehler or Steve Carell.

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Opening photo by Angela Weiss for WireImage

Authored by: Emily Lasnier