Trend Alert: Sensational Succulents for Your Wedding Décor

Discover how to incorporate succulent plants into each part of your wedding.

Trend Alert: Sensational Succulents for Your Wedding Décor

Photo: Kris Kan

For rustic-, desert-, or country-inspired weddings, fluffy, colorful flowers may seem out of place against earthy décor. These types of flowers can be impractical, too. It’s expensive to ship popular blooms – such as peonies – especially during off-seasons and across large distances if there are not any available in your area. 

Enter the succulent, a type of desert plant characterized by its thick, fleshy leaves. Due to their striking appearance and easy upkeep, succulents have become popular plants to grow in homes, apartments, and gardens in recent years. Succulents can also add an organic twist to any element of wedding décor, from the bouquet to the place cards to the cake. And, in dry regions like California and Arizona, they are an inexpensive, easy-to-care-for option since the desert-dwelling plant can tolerate bright sunshine and requires very little water.

Here are some unique ways to incorporate the dazzling succulent plant into your wedding décor:

The Bouquet
Succulents can be mixed with white and green flowers for a subtle rustic touch.
Photo by Mi Belle Photography

The Boutonniere
A single, elegant bloom makes for a masculine, organic boutonniere; or, combine a succulent with delicate herbs and greenery, and wrap with burlap. 
Photo by Mi Belle Photography

Photo by Kris Kan

The Cocktail Hour
Set boxes of succulents atop aged wooden barrels, which can also serve as cocktail tables. 

Photo by Vue Photography

The Place Cards
Tuck escort cards into mini potted succulents to direct guests to their seats while providing a fun favor!

Photo by Kris Kan

The Reception
Larger succulents may be planted in pots wrapped in burlap, then placed on the floor amongst lanterns and complementing flowers. 

Photo by Kris Kan

The Centerpieces
Tuck succulents between natural selections of freshly picked flowers, moss, and spheres of twigs. 

Photo by Images by Berit, Inc.

The Cake
In lieu of fluffy flowers, adorn your cake with bold, geometric succulents. Keep the rest of the cake's design minimal to ensure the plants remain the focus. 

Photo by Regina Hyman

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