Watch a Touching Disney-Inspired Proposal Video

The groom-to-be had Disney-style art created featuring custom illustrations.

Watch a Touching Disney-Inspired Proposal Video

Photo: Nancy Cohn Photography & Abby Ross Photography

When you think of a Disney proposal, most people think of someone getting down on one knee at one of the famous theme parks around the world. But Jason Shoffman thought out of the box while planning a proposal to his girlfriend, Simone Golumb. As an attentive boyfriend, he knew that classic Disney animated films were her go-to move when she felt blue. “She loves everything Disney and I don’t think she’ll ever grow out of it,” Jason shares. “Which is why I knew I could surprise her using Disney as a smokescreen.”

Appropriately, their relationship has a fairy-tale quality itself. The advertising art director was working with a colleague when he noticed the Instagram page of her friend, who happened to be Simone. Beguiled by her beauty, he had his co-worker set up a date. “The rest, as they say, is history,” Jason muses. The groom-to-be had decided to propose three months before he actually popped the question, but wanted to be sure his beloved was ready for the next step, while also kindly providing time for friends in longer relationships to propose to their significant others.

“Anyone who knows me knows I was never going to propose in a generic way,” divulges Jason. Already armed with the Disney theme, he set forth to create a dream proposal. He invented a gallery of Disney art, using real prints, actors to appear as other guests, and even hiring a photographer and waiter serving Champagne. Looping his sister, whose fiancé is signed to a record label, in on the plan, Simone was made to believe she was a guest of Jason’s sister, who was invited by the label. In a separate section of the so-called gallery, Simone found prints in the art style of Disney film posters. However, these prints were in fact of her and Jason! “I chose milestone moments from our relationship for the proposal – first date, first holiday, first home, etc.” he explains. “They were the best memories for me and I imagined for Simone too, therefore it made perfect sense to recreate those moments in Disney form.” Jason then entered the room, got on one knee, and asked his sweetheart to marry him. “I don't think what happened quite sunk in for Simone at first. She hates not being in the loop or out of control of something, so I think she was in a state of shock and confusion and she didn't see this coming at all,” reveals Jason. Though she, of course, still said yes.

Despite the extensive planning and attention to detail while working on this proposal, Jason did not anticipate his love story going viral. “[But it’s] amazing,” he shares, “because it means more and more people can see how much Simone means to me through my eyes.” To see the proposal video and the custom illustrations, view the slideshow above!