Watch a Wedding Video Filmed by the Bride and Groom's Dog

This is what your wedding looks like to four-legged friends!

Watch a Wedding Video Filmed by the Bride and Groom's Dog

Photo: Mi Belle Photographers

Ever wonder what your wedding day was like for your dog? One couple decided to find out – so they let their pooch take the wedding video!

Marshall and Addie Burnette got married earlier this month in Tennessee, and as Marshall explained on YouTube, their dog Ryder "insisted" on filming the video. So, they strapped a GoPro on her back and let her run around all day with the camera running. Ryder moseyed around the house where the bride got ready, ran around the snowy mountaintop during the ceremony, and greeted all the kids snacking at the reception (well, Ryder is a dog, after all!)

The video may not be the most professional or capture every emotional moment, but for everyone who considers their dog to be a member of the family, it's fascinating to see what a wedding is like through the eyes of a furry friend. Watch the adorable video above!

Since dogs are man's best friend, it's only natural that humans would want them by their sides on the most important day of their lives. One veteran even had his service dog act as his best man! Even if your dog isn't as well-trained, there are still many ways to incorporate your pup into your wedding. Click here to learn how to make any dog a part of the celebrations!