Watch Couples Serenade Each Other at Their Weddings

See these musical brides and grooms sing to their guests (and beloveds) at their receptions!

Watch Couples Serenade Each Other at Their Weddings

Photo: KingenSmith

Bride singing to groom at wedding reception

Expressing yourself creatively means different things to each individual: some paint, some cook, and some use music to convey their emotions. For the latter, taking center stage at their wedding reception may be the best way they know how to properly commemorate their love for their partner.

The four brides and grooms below are fearless, fun, and in love. They used their gifted voices to send messages of devotion and respect to their beloveds in front of their nearest and dearest. Check out each video, and prepare to laugh, cry, and get inspired!

Bride Sings Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am"

Groom Sings Michael Bublé's "I'm Your Man"

Bride Sings Etta James' "At Last"

Groom Sings John Legend's "All of Me"

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Opening photo by KingenSmith