Watch Men Describe Their (Pretty Awesome) Dream Weddings

Guys fantasize about how they want to celebrate their big day, too!

Watch Men Describe Their (Pretty Awesome) Dream Weddings

Photo: Callaway Gable

It's not just women who dream about their wedding day!

Buzzfeed set out to debunk the myth that men don't really care about their weddings in a new video titled, "Men Describe Their Dream Wedding." In the video, men reveal the food, locations, and activities they would love to see on their big day. 

"My ideal wedding is probably BYOB-potluck," one man declares.

"Open bar and pinball, that's all we need," another says.

The take-away: ladies, your man has just as many ideas about his ideal day as you do.

"Everyone thinks it's a little girl that's dreaming about her wedding day, but it should be talked about more that men dream about that day just as much," one man sums up.

Watch the video to see exactly what men have in mind when they fantasize about their perfect wedding day. And in case you ever doubted that men can be truly romantic, read how 12 men decided they were ready to propose.