Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Theme With Music

How music and entertainment can make a great impression.

Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Theme With Music

Photo: Yvette Roman Photography

A sure fire way to make a bold statement is to plan your wedding around a central theme. Themes add flavor and excitement to an event. By including inspired musicians and entertainment, you will elevate the visual elements of your theme to memorable heights. Regardless of which theme you choose, music and entertainment are crucial to turning an interesting décor choice into a convincing experience.

Beach Theme
Create a tropical paradise by first choosing a private beach club or a public beach that allows private functions (a permit is usually required) as your venue. Island music such as Calypso, Reggae or something with a Caribbean vibe honors the laid back setting of a white sandy beach. A live band should feature a combination of vocals, keyboard, steel drums, guitar and percussion for authenticity. Add even more flair to the reception by having a limbo contest or by hiring a fire-eater to entertain when the sun goes down.

Romance Theme
To create a romantic mood at just about any location, greet your guests with strolling violinists playing love songs while the aroma of fresh roses fills the air. A string ensemble, harpist or solo pianist can play classical romantic pieces as guests enjoy a champagne reception. The music selections for the band or disc jockey at the reception, whether slow or fast, should emphasize love. You can even personalize the play list by selecting music that means something special to the two of you such as the songs you heard on your first date, on the day he proposed, or those that speak to your relationship.

Swing Theme
Music from the Big Band era -- Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, The Andrews Sisters -- is always a hit at weddings, since the genre pleases all ages. Creating your wedding around a swing theme ensures that the older guests will dance to songs they remember from the 40s while the younger guests will recognize those songs experiencing a rebirth at dance clubs. The musicians that comprise a swing band are real show-stoppers. Guests always love how horn players throw their instruments up in the air, often in a synchronized routine to the music. A short swing or ballroom dance lesson during the cocktail hour can also make the wedding music even more enjoyable for your guests.

Hawaiian Theme
An island setting complete with tiki torches, native dancers and a hula instructor makes for a lively reception. Suggest that guests wear Hawaiian attire, too, for a truly festive atmosphere. Greet your loved ones with Hawaiian dancers and flower leis as Hawaiian music is played on a guitar or ukulele. Call your guests to gather for the ceremony with a conch shell blower and begin your processional with a torch-bearer. Guitarists and Polynesian drummers will certainly encourage guests to get up and dance during your reception.

Whether you choose to transform a hotel ballroom into a medieval festival or create a tropical paradise right on your local beach, the options for event themes are limited only by your imagination.

Opening photograph by Yvette Roman Photography