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Discover the ultimate wedding-planning tips, top trends to incorporate into your big day, and more!

Take a look at expert wedding-planning tips, trends, and secrets from Inside Weddings' Editors Circle members! From dress shopping to planning the ultimate wedding day, read the expert advice from these top wedding professionals.

real wedding at corinthian houston planned by the savvy consultants greenery wrapped columns lush flowers at reception
Photo: Stephania Campos

As you're planning your wedding day, there are hundreds of little decisions that will ultimately make your big day what it is. From shopping for the perfect wedding dress, to planning your pre- and post-wedding events like the rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch, to choosing an aesthetic that fits your personalities, you'll have a lot on your plate during the wedding-planning process

While we always recommend hiring a wedding planner to help you organize the details of your nuptials, we understand that many couples choose to plan their nuptials themselves, which is why we're always sharing the advice of our Editors Circle members, who are among some of the nation's top wedding professionals.

Since wedding trends are constantly changing and couples are having more and more inspiration to comb through during the planning process, look to the professionals who have been in the industry for years to know what to do and how to prepare for one of the biggest events of your lives. As you're getting ready to say "I do," we invite you to read the latest trends, secrets, and tips from wedding planners, floral designers, top bridal salon specialists, entertainment experts, and more on a range of topics. 

Take note of the advice featured in the pages of our 2023 issues of Inside Weddings, and make these tips your own to fit your desired wedding look – and of course your personalities as individuals and as a couple. Happy planning!

Consider the Guest List

"Narrowing the guest list is often the most challenging part of planning. When deciding who to invite, don’t include people out of obligation. My advice is to choose people who are part of your future, rather than part of your past." - Tessa Brand of Tessa Lyn Events

wedding guests toast champagne at wedding reception planned by tessa lyn events

Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events

Keep the Romance in Wedding-Dress Shopping

"For brides who are attending their first appointment on their search for the perfect wedding dress, keep the romance in shopping for your bridal gown. Let emotions lead the way when picking The One. Don’t let social media or others’ opinions cloud your judgment. You will know when you have found the perfect gown for you." - Brenna Cicciari for Bridal Reflections

Leah Da Gloria Wedding Dress at Bridal Reflections

Photo courtesy of Milla Nova; Bridal Designer available at Bridal Reflections 

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

"Mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses are a fashionable look when you have a large number of bridesmaids. It gives the girls a chance to show off their personalities and looks fashion-forward when they are all together." - Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties

Colorful Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for Palm Beach Wedding

Photo by Erika Delgado Photography; Planning & Design by Posh Parties

Make a Statement

"Bridal fashion in 2023 is all about making a statement and leaving a lasting impression. This season, add a touch of drama to your big day with an oversized bow on your gown – it’s the perfect finishing touch for the modern bride!" - Brenna Cicciari for Bridal Reflections

jimme huang wedding dress with oversize bow in back at bridal reflections

Photo by Jaymo James; Bridal Designer (Jimme Huang) available at Bridal Reflections

Consider a Fitted Wedding Dress + Overskirt

"A fitted dress with a detachable overskirt is a romantic way to have two looks for your wedding day! It gives the effect of a ball gown for the ceremony followed by an elegant fitted look to unveil at your reception." - Christina DeMarco for Bridal Reflections

"Aspen" Wedding Dress by Leah Da Gloria from Bridal Reflections

Photo courtesy of Leah Da Gloria; Bridal Designer available at Bridal Reflections

Consider Online RSVPs

"As much as I love a classic paper RSVP card being returned in the mail, I have been recommending clients collect RSVPs on their wedding website. Responses come in earlier, an organized spreadsheet can be downloaded, and you don’t have to rely on any delays using the post office." - Tessa Brand of Tessa Lyn Events

real wedding photo classic wedding invitation suite for tessa lyn events wedding

Photo by Michael Segal Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events

Have Renderings Made of Custom Creations

"Renderings of custom projects are a must! Our clients love to get an idea of what their custom designs or builds will look like in advance to avoid being unpleasantly surprised or underwhelmed the day of the wedding." - Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Creative

real wedding stage design rendering for evoke design and creative wedding reception

Rendering by Social Supply; Planning & Design by Evoke Design & Creative

Rethink a Destination-Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

"For a destination wedding, instead of planning a rehearsal dinner for 200 guests, arrange an intimate dinner directly after the wedding rehearsal for the bridal party and immediate family, then invite all of your remaining out- of-town guests to a 'Drinks and Desserts' welcome party." - Linda Howard of Linda Howard Events

real wedding photo rehearsal dinner with blue plates and blue and white vases with yellow flowers linda howard events

Photo by Curtis Dahl Photography; Planning & Design by Linda Howard Events

Don't Forget Your Pre-Wedding Music & Entertainment

"Couples are opting for themed rehearsal-dinner music to kick off the wedding weekend right and show off their personal taste in music. Pro tip: Select a band that plays completely different music than what guests will be hearing on the dance floor at your reception. Popular choices right now include ‘90s tribute bands and bluegrass groups!" - Jenny Langer for EastCoast Entertainment

EastCoast Entertainment - Pre-Wedding Entertainment

Photo by Harley Bonham Photography; Entertainment by EastCoast Entertainment

Have Breakfast!

"Be sure that eating breakfast on your wedding day is high on the priority list because too many brides forget to eat. Task your wedding planner or a bridal-party member as a contact, and discuss details prior to the big day so all arrangements are to your liking and fit well into the timeline." - David Pressman of David Pressman Events

real wedding photo yogurt and berries with granola breakfast in the bridal suite david pressman events

Photo by Yvette Roman Photography; Planning & Design by David Pressman Events

Consider Hiding Out Before the Ceremony

"Most couples prefer to be tucked away as guests are arriving. This is so they can be sure they are not seen before the ceremony or to ensure they do not get pulled into lengthy conversations right before the big moment. If you’re one of those couples, plan to be hidden away at least 30 minutes prior to the invitation time." - Beth Helmstetter of Beth Helmstetter Events, Inc.

real wedding photo bride and groom hiding away from guests before wedding ceremony reception beth helmstetter events

Photo by Lauren Ross; Planning & Design by Beth Helmstetter Events, Inc.

Include Your Pets in the Wedding

"Instead of leaving your favorite four-legged friends behind, make them a part of your wedding-day celebration. Think ring bearer or immortalize your pup on your wedding cake. Extra tip: getting your dog to walk down the aisle will be much easier than bribing your cat, plus your dog won’t give you any attitude!" - David Pressman of David Pressman Events

real wedding photo bride in wedding dress playing with small dog before wedding ceremony david pressman events

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Planning & Design by David Pressman Events

Use Your Band's Resources

"Use the band’s horn section to lead your guests from cocktail hour to the reception. This is a festive way to quickly move your guests so there is no delay in getting the party started!" - Lisanne McDearman of EastCoast Entertainment

real wedding photo horn section from eastcoast entertainment band leading wedding guests to reception east coast entertainment

Photo by Jacqui Cole Photography; Entertainment by EastCoast Entertainment

Mix Edgy & Soft Color Palettes

"I love the idea of adding edginess to an otherwise soft color palette, and pairing black, blush, white, and gold gives off a dramatic vibe for any winter wedding. Black isn’t a traditional wedding hue, but when incorporated with neutral shades, it’s the perfect amount of daring and chic! Think black linens, gold chairs, and blush florals to tie everything together and create a perfect balance between romantic and moody." - Eddie Zaratsian of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Events

Black & Pink Dramatic Wedding Décor by Eddie Zaratsian

Photo by Armen Asadorian Photography; Floral & Event Design by Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Events

Choose a Classy Intro

"Don’t feel compelled to have the entire wedding party announced when it comes time for your intros. It’s always cleaner, classier, and much more foolproof to have the only people announced be the wedding couple themselves." - Danny Chaimson of Gold Coast Events

the gold coast all stars of gold coast events entertaining crowd at large event

Photo by Colin Lyons Photography; Entertainment by Gold Coast Events

Include Fruit in Your Décor

"Don’t hide that fruit behind your bar. Instead, take advantage of the summer’s bounty of citrus fruits, color, and sunshine on your wedding day!" - David Pressman of David Pressman Events

real wedding photo limes lemons and oranges as decorations fruit decor david pressman events

Photo by William Innes Photography; Planning & Design by David Pressman Events

Engage Guests During Your First Dance

"Instead of guests being seated for your first dance, have them gather on the edge of the dance floor. Not only will it make your dance feel warmer for you – and not so much like you’re on an island – but right when your dance is done, the band can invite guests to join you and the energy will hit instantly." - Danny Chaimson of Gold Coast Events

Bride & Groom During First Dance - Gold Coast Events

Photo by Emilia Jane Photography; Entertainment by The Golden Coast All Stars for Gold Coast Events; From Real Wedding: Black-Tie Chicago Wedding with Floral Wallpaper & Cheetah Print Details

Incorporate Meaningful Touches Throughout Your Wedding

"I love using details that are meaningful and personal to the couple. A fun way to incorporate this could be your table numbers or a signature drink, as these details bring an element of intimacy to your celebration that is unexpected and unique – and something your guests will surely remember!" - Kaylen Davidson of Sara Judith Events

real wedding photo personalized table number with location special to couple sara judith events kaylen davidson

Photo by Adam Michaels Photography; Planning & Design by Sara Judith Events

Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

"Mirrors as a whole are here to stay, so consider weaving these reflective accents into your next party (perfect for photo ops as well). Including them in floral installations makes for a lovely backdrop, and the extra light will really illuminate the entire event. Make this trend unique by utilizing disco balls in various colors, such as gold or pink, for added dimension." - Eddie Zaratsian of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Events

real wedding photo gold mirror seating chart with white flowers for eddie zaratsian wedding reception

Photo by Kris Kan Photography; Floral & Event Design by Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Events

Plan Correctly to Have a Full Dance Floor

"If your goal is to have a full dance floor the whole night, part of the responsibility rests with you. As a couple, being present and having fun on the dance floor all night will set the tone for your guests. They will most definitely follow your lead, so consider this when planning details that might take you away from the dance floor throughout the night, such as outfit changes or cake-cutting photos." - Danny Chaimson of Gold Coast Events

real wedding photo bride and groom on stage singing with friends family full dance floor gold coast events

Photo by Pepper Nix Photographers; Entertainment by Gold Coast Events

Schedule Your Cake Cutting at the Right Time

"While not everyone knows etiquette to a tee, the “rule” is guests are free to go home once the cake has been cut. For this reason, we recommend scheduling the cake cutting as late in the evening as possible while still allowing all guests to enjoy a slice before the end of the night. Also, while you do have to slot a tentative time for this detail, I personally recommend playing this one event element by ear!" - Beth Helmstetter of Beth Helmstetter Events, Inc.

real wedding photo of bride in gold after party dress with groom cutting cake cold sparks

Photo by David Bastianoni; Planning & Design by Beth Helmstetter Events, Inc.

Consider Your "Last Dance" Song

"There’s so much focus on the first dance, and rightfully so, but in my opinion, your last song of the night is almost as important. It’s a great time to work in an anthemic, triumphant sing-along into the mix to put the wraps on the best night of your lives." - Danny Chaimson of Gold Coast Events

Wedding Band Performing for Happy Guests

Photo by Garrett Richardson Photography; Entertainment by Gold Coast Events

Think Outside the Box for Your Farewell Brunch

"After a full wedding weekend of events, couples have been requesting alternatives to the post-wedding farewell brunch, so that guests can sleep in or simply enjoy the destination. Consider hosting a pop-up style brunch with grab-and-go fare and bistro-style seating to accommodate those who want to sit and dine as well as those who are catching a flight out of town or want to explore." - Allyson Joseph of Bob Gail Events

Pop-Up Morning-After Wedding Brunch by Bob Gail Events

Photo by Hazelnut Photography; Planning & Design by Bob Gail Events

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Opening photo by Stephania Campos; Planning & Design by The Savvy Consultants; From Real Wedding: A Breathtaking Garden-Inspired Wedding with Personalized Details in Houston