Wedding Wisdom from Real Grooms

The men behind the brides share valuable insights with grooms-to-be.

Wedding Wisdom from Real Grooms

Photo: Jana Williams Photography

There is certainly no shortage of wedding advice directed at brides – there are books galore on every conceivable planning topic, style guides for everything from decor to attire, and articles filled with encouraging tips on keeping focused and sane. And yet, the groom tends to be – how can we say this gently? – left to his own devices when it comes to coping with a wedding (and all that that implies). Whether you're a groom in need of some man-to-man advice or a bride who'd enjoy a little male perspective, read on for words of wisdom from some stand-up guys who have lived, learned, and agreed to answer the question:

"What is your best advice for grooms planning their own celebrations?"

"Enjoy the planning process with an open mind and heart, and understand that the wedding is as much about the groom as it is the bride. It is the day when you marry the love of your life and when friends from all stages come together to celebrate. Also, listen to the wife! The ladies are always right when it comes to event planning!" – Henry

"Just go with the flow... However, if there is something you absolutely have an issue with, you should mention it. You will always remember your wedding day, and there is no reason why you should have an unpleasant memory of the happiest day of your life." – Walter

"Be patient and take time to [consider] the details, because your memories are all you have after the day is gone." – Edgar

"#1. Let your future wife have whatever she wants. Women have been planning their dream weddings since they learned what a wedding was. DO NOT INTERFERE. #2. You’d better know your future wife very well. If she asks for your opinion on something (and she truly wants to know what you think), tell her what you think. If she asks for your opinion because she just wants you to agree with her, please agree with her. #3. Roll with the punches. Nothing ever goes according to plan, and you’d better be able to deal with it. You and your wife will need to help each other to ensure that you both survive the wedding. It’s one of the many tests of how strain and pressure can affect a relationship. #4. Know your budget. Now double your budget. That’s what you’ll spend on your wedding. #5. Have fun. This, hopefully, is a once in a lifetime experience." – Dan

"Invest in getting a great wedding planner who understands you. With both of our crazy schedules, we could not have done it without [one].  Also remember to support your fiancée, even if she is doing the majority or all of the planning.  If there are small things you can do to make her life easier, take the time to do so." – Ben

"Focus on what you value the most… and just agree with your bride!" – John

"[Remember that] all the stress and headaches of planning the wedding is worth it. Also, get a suit that fits you. If possible, have it tailored or get made-to-measure/bespoke." – Ryan

"Be an active participant and support your bride. Listen, listen, and listen some more. She may not be talking to get your thoughts, but just to be venting about the stress of planning the wedding. Also, have an opinion on what you want for the wedding day - let your bride know what is important to you and don’t feel like you aren’t being manly if you want certain flowers, or food, or music. It's important that you both love that day and have nothing but positive memories. Last part: slow down, enjoy every moment, and stay by your wife’s side." – Patrick

"My best advice to grooms planning their own celebrations is not to do it! Sit back, nod your head, and listen to your fiancée and future mother-in-law!" – Robinder

"Go with the flow, and pick your battles... but never act like you don’t care. The moment you stop caring, she will start to question how committed you are to the wedding. Always be interested in what she wants." – Jonathan

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