What Not to Do When Deciding on Wedding Flowers

Read tips to make sure your florals look their best.

While the ceremony may be the most important emotional aspect of your wedding, and your guests make be most concerned about the food and entertainment, when it comes to the overall design of the big day, nothing beats flowers. Everyone has different taste when it comes to the blossoms and arrangements they like best, so there is essentially no wrong answer from that side of things when it comes to the floral design for your nuptials. However, the methods of choosing the flowers can lead to issues, which is why we’ve detailed the mistakes you should avoid below. 

soft bridal bouquet with white and blush-tinged roses and eucalyptus leaves
Photo by Amelia Johnson Photography

- Lacking a streamlined vision. It’s okay if your initial inspiration pictures show a lot of variance – after all, you have to figure out what you like. But once you have a venue secured and meet with a florist, you should work together to land on an aesthetic for the celebration.

- Too rigid on the details. While it’s understandable to have a preference for a specific flower or color, keep in mind what is available, what is in your budget, and even what is possible. Shades of blooms can really vary by the plant, and some of the inspiration photos you’ve admired might include filters or color correction in editing. 

- Not listening to a florist’s concerns. They’re going to know the potential with each bloom better than anyone. You might love the look of one flower, but it may have too strong of a scent for a dinner reception or is too delicate and will wilt during an outdoor ceremony. Remember that flowers have seasons as well and may not be available during your wedding day. Trust your vendor to come up with a suitable compromise. 

- Sticking to one color. Or at least one specific hue – instead use differing shades or an accent color to add depth to the arrangements. Even a classic all-white wedding can expand to include some ivory blossoms and greenery. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier