What Not to Gift Your Bridesmaids on the Wedding Day

Make your bridesmaids feel appreciated by following our suggestions.

What Not to Gift Your Bridesmaids on the Wedding Day

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Your bridesmaids do a lot for you in prepping for the big day: planning showers, buying dresses, stuffing invitation envelopes, traveling for the bachelorette party… the list goes on. So even if it weren’t customary to provide a gift for your bridal party, you would probably want to anyway. When giving a bridesmaid gift, it’s important that your girls actually feel appreciated for their help and support.

Read below for tips on what not to do when giving bridesmaid gifts, as well as some advice on finding a gift they will love and cherish for years to come.
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The Mistake: Jewelry with Your Wedding Date
The thought process behind such a gift is understandable. You had a wonderful time with your bridesmaids leading to your wedding, and want to give them a keepsake to remember the time. But while your bridesmaids also (hopefully) valued this time together, a necklace or bracelet with your wedding date engraved on it will be mildly awkward at best and possibly remind them of their singlehood at worst.

Instead Try: Stylish Jewelry for Everyday Wear
Being presented with a gift before the wedding is enough for your bridesmaids to remember the day. So why not give them a simple, but well-made, piece that they can wear every day! Alternately, providing the jewelry for your bridal party to wear at the ceremony is a classic gift for a reason.

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The Mistake: Your Signature Scent
You love your perfume and your friends always compliment it. So why not give a bottle to each of your bridesmaids? Because perfume is a very personal thing and can even smell different on different people. Gifting everyone something you already have could come across as lazy and lacking thought. 

Instead Try: Different Perfume That Fits the Taste of Each Person
Be sure you know your bridesmaids really well if you want to tackle this gift option. Do they already have a perfume they love? Perfect, buy another bottle. Any favorite lotions or lip balms can be a clue into fragrance preferences, so an observant eye is key for a gift of perfume. When in doubt, choose a crowd-pleasing fresh scent over a stronger fragrance.

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The Mistake: Flip-Flops for the Reception
Your motivation here is pure: Maybe you feel a tad guilty for asking your bridesmaids to wear four-inch heels to the wedding and you want to make sure they’ll be dancing at the reception! However, some weddings feature baskets of flip-flops for the guests, so your bridesmaids may feel slighted by this well-intentioned gift.

Instead Try: Fashionable Flats for Brunch
A stylish and comfortable pair of ballet flats gifted before the ceremony gives your girls something fashionable to change into at the reception and again at the post-wedding brunch. There are so many different styles of ballet flats out there that you can easily gear your gift with each bridesmaid in mind. From a classic nude or black to a trendy color or funky pattern, your 'maids will appreciate the thought that went into your choice.

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