What Should Be the Last Song at Your Wedding Reception?

Listen to 11 tunes that make great options for the final dance.

Take a look at some ideas for songs to play for your last dance!

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Whether or not you and your new spouse decide to have a grand exit, there will come a time for your reception to end. While you could simply have the band or DJ play any old tune to bring the festivities to a close, it can be fun to have the final song be thematically appropriate – a nod to the end of the evening. Listen to the playlist below for 11 options to celebration the final moments of your big day. Some are more on the nose, but classic, some will evoke nostalgia, and others still are clever odes to the moment. 

Maybe you’ll want a slower song to sway to with all of your loved ones, or perhaps you prefer an upbeat jam to send everyone off on a high note. In fact, you may want to adjust the choice of tune depending on the vibe of the party at the end of the night. Consider keeping a list of options handy so you can inform your band or DJ of your final decision.  

last song to play at your wedding reception

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Take a look at some ideas for songs to play for your last dance, below:

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