What Should You Bring to Your Vendor Appointments?

It's important to be prepared!

Unless you are in the event industry, planning your wedding is really like no other task. Sure, perhaps you’ve planned birthdays or bridal showers, but the organization is rarely as involved as it is for your nuptials. You’ll likely start hiring vendors months – or even over a year – in advance of the big day, and as a result will have meetings with these professionals. Since in most cases, a bride or groom has not experienced this before, it can be helpful to know what to bring so you’re as prepared as possible for your vendor appointments. 

what you need to bring to wedding vendor appointments
Photo by Genevieve Nisly; Planning & Design by Joe Mineo Creative; Bridal Salon: Dimitra's Bridal Couture

- A notebook and pen. Your notes app on your phone may be handy, but it can also lead to accidental deletions. Writing by hand can be quicker, you can add sketches if applicable, and it won’t look like you’re rudely texting during the meeting. 

- Inspirational pictures. A selection of favorite songs is more helpful for a band or DJ, but for just about every other vendor – from the planner to florist to stylist – pictures are of the utmost importance. The photos don’t have to be of exactly what you want, but you can piece together different elements so vendors can get a sense of what you’re hoping for.

- Your budget. You need to have an idea of what you can spend before you meet with anyone. It’s also smart to have figured out what percentage of your budget can go to each category. One price might not seem over budget until you realize how much you have to divide over everything else.

- A list of don’ts. Your inspirational images might not tell the whole story, especially since they won’t be recreated exactly. Be clear if there’s a flower, song, food, or design element that you absolutely hate so it will not be a part of your day.

- An approximate schedule. It’s unlikely that you’d have a full timeline at this point, but a rough idea of when the actual wedding will be will help vendors prepare in advance. 

- Another perspective. Hopefully your beloved will be by your side to offer an opinion, but if scheduling doesn’t allow that, a parent, sibling, or close friend can be helpful support during your meetings. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier