What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Date

Remember, it will be your anniversary forever.

In some cases, picking your wedding date may largely be based on the availability of your venue. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of time and options, you and your beloved may prefer to choose a date with sentimental significance – such as an anniversary – or focus on a time that will be convenient for your guests. Certainly the season and weather are considerations that couples keep in mind when they decide when to be wed, but there are other factors in the decision-making process you may not have thought of yet – not only in ways that affect your guests and the big day itself, but how the date could impact your anniversary for years to come. 
how to choose a wedding date, how your wedding date impacts your anniversary
Photo by Jennefer Wilson Photography; Floral Design by Bella Flora of Dallas

While most people choose to avoid major holidays for their wedding, even smaller holidays may be a hassle down the road. Hosting your nuptials on New Year’s Eve can seem like a great way to have a party, and Labor Day Weekend allows for days of celebration – but now you know your plans every year on those holidays. Not to mention it may be inconvenient for guests who have set plans for the occasion. Be especially cautious with holidays that fall on a different day every year. A mid-May wedding sounds lovely until your fifth anniversary lands on Mother’s Day. 

In the process of planning, you may feel having your wedding on or near a loved one’s birthday is not a deal-breaker, as they can sacrifice one birthday for your special day. But remember, you will be celebrating your anniversary every year and may find you’re the one who has to put plans aside for someone’s birthday.

As silly as it may seem to some people, major sporting events may impact both the big day and future anniversaries. If your wedding falls during baseball, hockey, or basketball playoffs and you have the bad luck of the local team making it, guests may be distracted during the reception, if they even attend. Sunday weddings may not be as common, but if you elect to host one, it may be a good idea to avoid the Super Bowl. 

Different careers are also better suited towards different dates. If you or your sweetheart plan to become a teacher one day, you may not require a summer wedding yet, but any future anniversary trips will be difficult if the date is when school is in session. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier