What to Do at a Coed Wedding Shower

Feel free to include brides and grooms!

The bridal shower is one of those traditional pre-wedding events that lean heavily into gender roles. For one, it’s right there in the name! Typically it’s a very feminine event just for the bride and her female friends and relatives, but in a world with mixed-gender bridal parties, that may not be everyone’s style. After all, who is to say the groom won’t enjoy some new kitchen appliances? And of course, same-sex couples shouldn’t have to decide between who gets the extra party. Whether or not the pair in question is coed, a coed shower is a great option for those who want to be inclusive and break the mold. As couple's showers are not quite as common, it can be a little unclear as to how to take care of the planning. Therefore, we have prepared some tips for those who want take part in this new progressive tradition. 

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Though it doesn’t have to be, coed showers are typically a little more casual than a standard bridal shower. A backyard barbecue is a great option. Consider having the maid of honor and best man team up with the planning. Not only does that help make sure everything is included, but it should help keep things balanced as well. If you love the idea of classic shower games, a DIY “Newlywed Game” can be a fun way to get both halves of the couple involved. Lawn games are also usually something everyone can enjoy. That said, there’s no reason men can’t have fun making a dress out of toilet paper.

With each lovebird inviting guests, expect a coed shower either to be much bigger, or even more intimate with only the nearest and dearest invited. While a bride may include friends and extended family members not in the bridal party, you may need to limit the guest list for a couple’s shower. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to make everything bigger. Just keep in mind that a larger variety of people calls for a larger amount of food and drink. Happy planning!

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier