What to Do for Your Bachelorette Party in the Winter

It might be cold outside, but you and your girls can still have fun!

As with weddings and honeymoons, people often picture bachelorette parties as sunny celebrations in the summer months. Of course, timing of the big day can mean that’s not always the case. For some people, the solution is to travel to a far-off destination with tropical weather, or even simply a domestic location without snow.  However, in some cases summer just isn’t the bride’s style, and she would rather embrace the cold for her final fête as a single woman. There is nothing wrong with having an atypical bachelorette party in colder weather, but since it is less common, you might be unsure of how to celebrate. Here are some ideas: 

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Photo by Heather Rowland Photography & Thisbe Grace Photography

- Ice skating. Embrace your inner Tara Lipinski and rent out an ice rink with your best gal pals. You’ll get in a good workout and then can warm up with some comfort food and cocktails at a nearby bar. 

- Ski trip. Get a suite at a luxury resort or rent a rustic cabin near the slopes and spend the day skiing or snowboarding. Then you and your friends can enjoy après-ski – ideally you can find some live music to watch while cozying up with some spiked cider or mulled wine. End the night by warming up in the hot tub. 

- Classic snow day. Relive those elementary school days of hoping for a school closure and spend hours sledding, building snowmen, and having snowball fights. This is also a great opportunity for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party if that’s your style, as you can turn the snowy activities into a battle of the sexes. 

- Snowbound. If being out in the cold isn’t your thing, you and your group of friends can bundle up together in a home or hotel and have a throwback slumber party, complete with movies, board games, snacks, and gossip. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier