What to Do for Your Spouse on Your Wedding Day

A thoughtful surprise will make the day even more special!

A wedding day is both a culmination and new beginning for a relationship. Eyes and attention will be on the happy couple, with everyone trying to make the lovebirds feel special. Of course, the sweethearts also want to highlight their love for each other. Most of this is done publicly; after all, the vow exchange should make things pretty clear. However, some choose to also have a gift sent to their beloved while everyone is getting ready the morning of the wedding. This can be a material present or a sentimental one. Some brides and grooms even surprise their new spouse with a performance or gift during the reception!

what gifts to give your husband or wife at your wedding
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If you’re still looking for something to showcase your love on the big day, these ideas – for the morning of as well as throughout the wedding – may help inspire you. 

The morning of:
Boudoir photo shoots are now viewed almost more as a way for a woman to build confidence, but they’re also a classic sexy gift for the wedding day. A watch or cuff links are also traditional gifts for men, while brides might enjoy receiving jewelry on the big day. Sending each other a love letter or video message, or even a slideshow representing your relationship, can be a sentimental surprise. A scrapbook filled with memories from your life together so far is something that can be built upon through your marriage. If you check with your wedding planner and make sure there is time in the schedule, a massage before getting hair and makeup done or putting a suit on will have your love relaxed and serene before walking down the aisle.

During the wedding:
Is there something that your sweetheart wanted for your celebration that seemed out of budget? Call your vendor and add it in secret! Your new spouse will be delighted to have a special dessert, late-night snack, getaway vehicle, or whatever strikes your fancy. Do you have a special talent? Perform a choreographed dance or serenade your sweetheart with a love song at your reception. Start your grand exit with a bang by arranging for a fireworks display at the end of the reception – anything to surprise your love in the very best way. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier