What to Do the Month Before Your Wedding

The final tasks to handle before the big day.

Much like the wedding itself, the planning process goes by surprisingly quickly. At the start it might feel like you have all the time in the world, and then suddenly the big day is only a month away. The date and venue were picked out long ago; you’ve (hopefully) hired your photographer, planner, florist, and all the other major vendors. Depending how involved you were in the organization, there may have been a lull as you wait to receive your RSVP cards. However, once you are just a month away from the ultimate celebration, things kick into high gear and it’s time to finalize some decisions. For brides who aren’t Type A, there is a chance that some items on the checklist have fallen to the wayside. Check the to-do list you started with to see what you’ve missed and make sure those things get taken care of as soon as possible. Once that is covered, read below to discover what else you need to do once you’re within a month of your wedding day. 

to-do list for the month before your wedding
Photo by Carasco Photography

- Create a packing list. Unless you’re tying the knot where you live, you’ll need to make sure you don’t forget anything on your trip to your event location.
- Finalize your beauty routine. This is not the time to be trying out new products.
- Break in your shoes. You probably bought a new pair for the big day and you definitely don’t want uncomfortable blisters during your first dance.
- Get the caterer your final numbers. Usually they want two-to-three weeks lead time to know how many people they will be preparing food for.
- Create and send an itinerary. Your immediate family and bridal party need to know where and when they have to be available for pre-wedding events, hair and makeup, photos, and more.
- Prep for your honeymoon. If you’re taking a trip right after the wedding, you’ll need to finalize your plans, as well as pack. Even if you have a couple days between the reception and your flight, you’ll want to be mostly packed so you don't need to worry about it later.
- Make the seating chart. Now that you know who is attending, it’s time to figure out where everyone sits. You need to both create the practical seating as well as make or arrange the prettier version (or use escort cards) for the big day.
- Get your marriage license. It’s kind of the most important part.
- Meditate. Wedding planning is very stressful, so you’ll want to take some moments to relax and remain calm. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier