What to Do with Your Spouse on Your Wedding Day

Make sure you carve out some time to spend together.

what to do with your husband on your wedding day

A commonly reported statement about one’s wedding day is that it goes by quickly, which makes some sense considering the amount of time spent anticipating the event. Many couples also report not getting to eat during their own reception, but perhaps most troubling is that some newlyweds share they actually didn’t spend that much time together during the big day. Not troubling in the sense that this spells doom for sweethearts that aren’t attached at the hip throughout the celebration – but it is nice to have more than a couple memories with your spouse to look back on when reminiscing about the happiest day of your life.

We understand that weddings are also some of the only occasions people get to see friends and family who live far away, and the whole point of the nuptials is to spend the rest of your life with your beloved. However, there are a few moments you should consider carving out to enjoy with your partner:

- Consider ducking out for a couple minutes after the ceremony to reflect on the occasion – especially if you didn’t have a “first look.” Yes, you have portraits to take, but this is a brief window of opportunity before you are mobbed by well-meaning loved ones. 

- It’s not an option for everyone, but several couples featured in our real weddings section have revealed that they were able to have dinner alone before the real festivities of the reception started. This way you guarantee some alone time and a full meal. 

- Show affection freely. This is the one day you won’t get anyone complaining about PDA. Embrace the moments where you kiss because you want to, not due to the photographer’s request or the clinking of glasses. 

- Hit the dance floor beyond just the first dance. Even if your new husband (as is most often the case) isn’t super fond of dancing, take at least one song to really take in the party atmosphere and have a blast with your guests – together.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier