What We Learned From 7 Unforgettable TV Weddings

Look to Friends, 30 Rock, Bones, and more for surprisingly helpful wedding advice.

TV weddings are fraught with mishaps and mayhem, but for every imperfect moment, there's a lesson for real brides and grooms. And some onscreen weddings are so romantic that we can't help but want to steal their ideas!

Photo: Aesthetiica Photography

We laughed when Liz Lemon took inspiration from Star Wars on her wedding day, and we cried when Carrie and Big finally said "I do." And best of all, we learned a thing or two that we can use while planning our own (offscreen) weddings. TV weddings are fraught with mishaps and mayhem, but for every imperfect moment, there's a lesson for real brides and grooms. And some onscreen weddings are so romantic that we can't help but want to steal their ideas! 

Watch the clips below to discover what seven famous TV weddings taught us about how to plan our own perfect celebrations. Your favorite characters have surprisingly sage advice to share, even if some of their weddings weren't exactly traditional! 

30 Rock: Stay True To Yourself
Despite Liz's best efforts to convince herself that she doesn't want a classic wedding (her original plan was to get married in a sweatshirt), she finally 'fesses up that she does secretly want to be a princess on her wedding day. Liz shows us that it's okay to reject whatever anyone else thinks your wedding should be – or even what you yourself thought you wanted – and just go with a wedding that makes you happy, no matter what that looks like. For Liz and Criss, that meant a Princess Leia costume instead of a wedding gown and gold grills in place of wedding rings. Of course.

The Office: Have a Back-Up Plan
As soon as Jim saw the viral wedding video featuring a dance down the aisle to "Forever" by Chris Brown, he knew he'd need a back-up plan in case his crazy coworkers decided to recreate the video at his and Pam's wedding. So, before the ceremony began, Jim and Pam snuck out to Niagara Falls for their "real" wedding. By the time they returned for their planned ceremony and the Dunder Mifflin crew did exactly what Jim feared, it didn't even matter because they had already had their perfect wedding. Take it from Jim and Pam: you never know what's going to happen at your wedding, so always have another plan ready to go! 

Bones: Handwritten Vows Are the Most Meaningful
Traditional vows are lovely – but there's nothing more beautiful than two people putting into their own words how much they love each other. Bones and Booth both delievered heartfelt vows that put their relationship into perspective and demonstrated why they are so perfect together. Sample quote from Bones: "We don't have to chase each other anymore, because we caught each other." Swoon!

Friends: Go With the Flow
When a huge snowstorm ruined Phoebe and Mike's wedding plans, they opted to get married outside Central Perk instead – and it was wonderful. Instead of complaining that their wedding wasn't exactly what they had envisioned, they stayed flexible and still ended up with a gorgeous celebration. Just because your wedding doesn't go according to plan, that doesn't mean it can't be just as beautiful and memorable as your original vision.

Sex and the City: Don't Forget the Big Picture
Carrie got so wrapped up in planning a grand celebration full of designer gowns and hundreds of guests that she lost sight of what the wedding was really about: her and Mr. Big's love for each other. After she and Big reconciled, she opted for a simple courthouse celebration attended by her closest friends. At the end of the day, your wedding isn't about the fancy dresses and floral arrangements (even though that can be easy to forget when you're in the midst of planning!); it's about you and your spouse's lifelong commitment.

Parks and Recreation: Keep It Short and Sweet
The looks on the faces of Leslie and Ben's guests when Leslie reveals that her wedding vows were 70 pages long says it all. Yes, your guests love you and want to watch you marry the love of your life – but they also want to party! If you're having a non-religious ceremony or have the flexibility to plan your own vows, opt for a shorter time frame rather than a longer one. Follow Leslie and Ben's lead and keep the momentum going.

Everybody Loves Raymond: It's Okay to Be Silly
In between all the stress and planning, take a minute to stop and remember that your wedding doesn't have to be so serious! This is supposed to be a fun day, so allow yourself to be your normal goofy self. Go ahead and serve your favorite comfort foods you loved as a kid, and dance with your new spouse to that ridiculous song that always makes you laugh. In Everybody Loves Raymond, Robert and Amy busted out some seriously silly dance moves to "A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis Presley, and it made their wedding all the more memorable (and representative of them as a couple!)