What You Need to Know About Getting Married Over the Holidays

It sounds festive, but is it convenient?

For some, the spirit of the holidays is so festive and romantic that they want it to be the setting for their big day, not just their engagement.

Photo: Harwell Photography

Engagement season is popularly considered to be from just before Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, while wedding season typically takes place in the summer. However, there is obviously no rule forcing this to be the case, and there are plenty of proposals and nuptials occurring year round. For some, the spirit of the holidays is so festive and romantic that they want it to be the setting for their big day, not just their engagement. 

emerald green invitation suite, what to know when planning a holiday wedding

Photo by Harwell Photography

As picturesque as a wedding during the holiday season can be, there are potential complications to keep in mind if you decide to host your celebration during this time of year. On the one hand, you may assume you will have less attendance due to friends and family already having plans in those winter months. That very well may be true! On the other hand, depending on your crowd and their careers, they may have a lot of time off work and are easily able to make the trip. Assuming you want as many people on your guest list to attend as possible, it is recommended to send your save the date earlier than normal (i.e. at least nine months ahead) so there is less of a chance that people have previous commitments. Even taking this precaution, it’s important to remember that travel costs will be higher around the holiday season, since so many people make the journey to visit family, and there is a strong possibility this will affect some of your nearest and dearest’s ability to go to your wedding. 

It’s not only for the sake of your attendees that you need to plan ahead of time, but also for the sake of your vendors. During the holidays, you aren’t just competing with other engaged couples for venues – companies also need spaces for festive fêtes. Vendors that are sole proprietors, such as a photographer, also have their own family celebrations and trips that may make them less likely to book your event. Typically, winter is seen as a time where you can get a discount for many wedding-related services; however, if your nuptials are too close to the holidays, this may not be the case. Rates could even be higher than at other times of the year! Regardless of what you choose, just be sure to do your research so your celebration can be the special day you've always dreamed of.

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