What You Need to Know Before Doing a Boudoir Session

How to be prepared for your first sexy photo shoot.

From finding the right photographer, beauty preparations, and outfit choices, we have all the information you need to have a fun and empowering boudoir shoot experience.

wedding photo by amy anaiz
Photo: Amy Anaiz Photography

The idea of boudoir shoot has exploded as the hottest new trend in recent years. Whether as a wedding gift or first anniversary present (the paper anniversary!), a photo album filled with pin-up worthy pictures of yourself is sure to thrill your sweetheart. The prospect of being on camera with minimal cover can be rather intimidating to many women. However, being prepared makes most things feel less scary, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of things you should know before booking such a photography session.

what you need to know for your boudoir photo session

Photo by Elizabeth Messina; Bridal Stylist: Dear Maradee

From finding the right photographer, beauty preparations, and outfit choices, we have all the information you need to have a fun and empowering boudoir shoot experience.

- Be sure to go to a reputable photographer with experience in boudoir sessions. Always read the reviews! If a trusted friend can recommend someone, even better.
- Some studios offer in-house hair and makeup services. If yours doesn’t, consider making a separate appointment to look your best! Remember, photography often requires heavier makeup.
- Stay away from skin irritants right before the photo shoot, i.e. waxing or facials. Five to seven days before is probably best.
- Don’t use fake tanner, as the camera will increase the risk of an orange or streaky appearance.
- Be sure to moisturize so your skin has a healthy glow.
- When selecting your outfits, remember that you don’t have to wear fancy lingerie if that makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable. Men’s dress shirts, sports jerseys, and silk robes are all popular choices.
- Have layers so you can decrease the amount of clothing throughout the shoot.
- Wear loose-fitting apparel so you won't have marks on your skin.
- Try everything on first! Make sure nothing pinches, and be sure you don't hate how it looks in the mirror.
- Bring any props you may want, and don’t forget jewelry and sexy high heels.
- If you have anything sentimental, like lingerie gifted from Valentine's Day, that would be a great choice that is sure to appeal to your beloved.
- Treat yourself to getting your hair and nails done so you feel your best.
- Eat a light meal beforehand; you need the energy food provides, but you don't want to feel bloated either.
- Find out if the studio always does editing, or if you have to purchase a particular package to get some airbrushing if you want it.
- Watch your posture. Having good posture will make you look better and feel more confident.
- It is probably tempting to bring some girlfriends along, but that may make you feel more self-conscious and it will be harder to let loose.
- The photographer will help direct you, but be sure to try a variety of facial expressions – from staring through the camera to demurely looking away.
- Whether supplied by the studio or brought in by you, play some tunes to get you in the right mood.

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